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Rulers of Lorne bear the distinction of carrying the blood of Katya herself; it was her children who followed her into governing the growing realm.  However, selection of the heir is always deferred to whichever issue of the bloodline has the Sight.  If a direct blood of that generation is not gifted, realm law states that the Knighthood must search for potential Sighted candidates to marry into the dynasty and to rule as Royal Consort.  Once Sighted blood is produced, the ruler becomes Regent as they wait for their heir to reach the age of majority.

King/Queen Monarch (Blooded/Sighted ruler, styled “Lord King” or “Lady Queen”)
King/Queen Regent (Blooded ruler, styled “Lord Regent” or “Lady Regent”)
Royal Consort (spouse, styled “Lord Consort” or “Lady Consort”)
Crown Prince/Princess (Blooded/Sighted heir, styled “Lord Prince” or “Lady Princess”)
Prince/Princess Royal (Blooded heir, styled “Prince” or “Princess”)

First Sons/Daughters (Blooded first cousins, high nobility, styled “His/Her Grace”)
Second Sons/Daughters (Blooded second cousins, high nobility, styled “His/Her Grace”)
Third Sons/Daughters (Blooded third cousins, high nobility, styled “His/Her Grace”)

High Mage (noble who represents the spellcasters at court, styled “Lord High Mage” or “Lady High Mage”)
High Cleric (noble who represents the healers at court, styled “Lord High Cleric” or “Lady High Cleric”)
Knight Protector of the Realm (commander of the Knighthood, styled “Lord Protector” or “Lady Protector”)
Loremaster (noble bard, tasked with keeping a history of the realm and teaching the royal family, styled simply “Loremaster”)

Cities in the realm pay yearly tribute to Kartay, which is divided to fund the Knighthood and the monarchy.  In return, they receive military protection and crown support.  They are included in the scope of the Search if it becomes necessary, so it is possible one of their children may become royalty.  Periodically, some of the cities rebel and refuse to pay the tribute; this creates civil war that is usually swiftly and brutally suppressed by the Knighthood.

The Crown always takes, as a surname, the name of the realm if they are Sighted; if they are simply Blooded, they bear the name of the capital city.  Take, for example, a prominent ruling family in Lorne history –  Queen Regent Katyos Kartay, who married Royal Consort Terryon Dolcelay (his peasant surname); their issue,  Queen Monarch Lai Lorne, who went on to marry First Son Saun Kartay; their issue, Crown Princess Samaira Lorne and Prince Royal Kyleran Kartay.

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