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My Experience with a Skyla IUD: 3 Months Post-Insertion

This post is the second in a series about my experiences with a Skyla IUD. You can find the first post, detailing insertion, here; the final post, 18 months out, is here.

Hi everyone, and welcome back!  Again, if you are a guy and you don’t want to read about shenanigans concerning my uterus, you may want to head off of here for this post.  Try back later – I’ve got some upcoming posts about “keeping keto @ Burger King” and “dessert quesadillas” and “my awesome new bike” that may be more to your fancy.  But ladies, if you’re curious about how Skyla is working out for me, here’s a three-month update, as promised!

One Month Checkup

If you remember, I had Skyla inserted during my period.  We scheduled a followup appointment a month later, directly after my next period.  When women expel their IUDs, they are most likely to do so within the first few months, during their periods.  So it was important to check right away to make sure it was still in place.  I tried several times off-and-on to feel for my strings, but was never able to feel them myself.  I didn’t know if that was because it wasn’t in the right place, or just because I didn’t know what I was feeling for.  My cervix is also kind of high up, and I have short fingers, so there’s that.

During my appointment, my doctor could not find the strings for my IUD.  She explained to me that often times the IUD will shift upwards a little and the strings will retract where she can’t see them or feel them.  She assured me that it was (probably) not violently ripping its way out of my body (or I’d be in excruciating pain) and it was (probably) still in place.  She told me she was going to order an ultrasound to make sure it was still where it was supposed to be.  I left somewhat reassured but still very nervous.  I had paid this much freaking money for the damn thing to maybe be gone?!  What if I’d expelled it during my period and just not noticed?!  What if it were working its way out of my body?  Too many what ifs, people!

So I did what any reasonable woman in my circumstance would do.  I went home and contacted one of my college friends on Facebook.  Shoutout to Michelle, who’s now an ultrasound tech!  I knew that she did some obgyn stuff, although it wasn’t her favorite, and she was able to quickly reassure me that the IUD was most likely still in place.  Apparently this happens ALL THE TIME.  Doctors often just can’t see the strings, so as a safety precaution they order ultrasounds to cover their own asses.  And then Michelle nonchalantly mentioned something about the ultrasound being transvaginal — what??  My doctor TOTALLY did not say that.  In fact, the information I got when it was scheduled told me to drink a ton of water to make sure my bladder was full so it’d be easier to see as an abdominal scan or something.  Huh?!  Fun.

Oh, and also I need to point out that all of this happened right before my husband and I were leaving on our annual trip to Canada.  They wanted me to come in and have this ultrasound during the middle of our vacation week.  Nope.  I had to schedule for a week later.  And then when we got home, the day before the ultrasound, my doctor’s office actually called ME to reschedule – their tech was out sick, or something, so they couldn’t get me in until the following week.  Doing the math in my head, I gave them the warning that I’d be on my period that week in case the ultrasound were transvaginal.  The office scheduler assured me it wasn’t and that was fine.  Okay then.

So anyway, when I finally got to the office like two weeks later for my ultrasound, imagine my surprise when I was immediately instructed to strip below the waist.  Yup!!!  I was TOTALLY getting a wand shoved up in there!  At least Michelle had prepared me for that.  I would have been really shocked and unhappy if I’d shown up for an abdominal ultrasound with no inkling that I would probably be in for a transvaginal.  The tech was very nice and I asked her if she could tell me the results or if I’d have to wait for my followup with the doc a week later.  She assured me she’d let me know what she saw.

Almost immediately, she said, she could see the IUD.  She turned the screen to show me and sure enough, it was lit up in blazing white, firmly in place.  I think the strings have curled around my cervix or something.  No big deal, except now I’ll probably have to have an actual obgyn remove it, instead of my regular doctor.  I have three years to worry about that.

Post-Insertion Periods

I never really tracked my periods before, because they were like clockwork on pill packs – I’d get them the week of the inactive pills, every time.  But I decided to track on Skyla, and I’m glad I have.  It was just the other day that I was actually flipping back through my planner, looking at my cycles, when I realized that they’ve been really, really short.  Actually, here’s a summation of my data:

June 19: Skyla placed
19 day cycle
17 day cycle
21 day cycle
19 day cycle

I have now just passed the 90 day mark.  Apparently 30% of women see an increase in their cycles during the first 90 days, then that drops drastically.  I will continue charting from here on out, and hope to see a decrease by 180 days.  I have actually noticed that I have felt a lot more tired lately than usual, and I am wondering if maybe I am dipping into anemia.  I had been blaming it on more vigorous activity levels (constantly bike riding, though I get enough calories and sleep to recuperate).  Since I just realized I was bleeding more frequently, I will bring this up with my doctor during my next checkup this month.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she orders blood work.

My periods themselves have been slightly heavier than when on the pill, but not as heavy as when I’m completely unmedicated.  On the pill, I’d bleed very lightly for 3 days, and would often not even need to use anything because just wiping when I went to the bathroom would be enough to keep my underwear clean.  With Skyla, I’m bleeding pretty regularly for 5 days.  It’s not a heavy flow, but it’s not light, either.  I’m using regular pads and tampons.  When I don’t have any sort of hormonal birth control, I bleed very heavily for around 5 days.  It’s like a murder scene in my underwear – tampons don’t do anything, I wreck thick pads within hours, and I sometimes have to sleep on a towel at night.

I am still hopeful that my periods will eventually go away, but I won’t be devastated if they don’t disappear.  I know Skyla has a lower chance of that happening than Mirena.  I do, however, want to get back to something approximating a 28-day cycle.

Cramping & Other Side Effects

I can definitely tell Skyla is in there.  A few days before my period, I get some gnarly cramps.  They come out of nowhere and sometimes they can be enough to make me catch my breath and want to double over.  They’re very brief and passing, but they do happen.  I don’t consider them to be “that bad” because before I was ever on birth control, I had horrendous cramps before/during my period that would make me want to just lie around with a hot water bottle and do nothing while popping Midol like candy and gorging on chocolate.  These I can breathe through and continue on my day.  They are fleeting.

It’s worth noting that I did not ever have cramps like this on the pill, though.  It almost feels as if it’s my uterus cramping around the IUD, going “WTF ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?!”  It’s a very specific type of cramp in a very specific location – more of a stabbing pain than a general nauseating, life-wrecking ache.  Like I said, they are random and fleeting but they have been happening like clockwork since the first month after insertion.  When I get them, I know my period will follow in a few days.

I have not noticed any difference in mood swings or cravings, which is excellent.  When I had that really horrible reaction to Ortho-Cyclen, that’s where it hit me.  I haven’t been pounding back the fried chicken and the chocolate chip cookies, nor have I wanted to kill everyone (just my grandmother).  So that’s good.

10/10 Would Do Again

I am really happy with my decision to get a Skyla IUD thus far.  It’s nice to not have to remember to take a pill every night.  I never had a problem with that, and when I was weighing the pros/cons of getting Skyla, that was one that I considered – why fix what ain’t broken?  But it is very, very nice to just forget about my form of contraception.  I don’t have to get a refill at the pharmacy every month.  And when I get sick and go on antibiotics (I’ve had two raging ear infections since insertion), I don’t have to worry about using a backup method of contraception.  That is one I definitely used to stress about – each time I had a prescription filled, I’d have to ask the pharmacist if it could interact with the pill, and it almost always did.  My cramping and side effects have not been very bad, and if these extra periods go away (as they most likely will), then I’ll be golden.  It’s wonderful to know that I’m completely covered for three years and I don’t have to do a damned thing.

I will plan on updating again if anything drastic happens (like if I expel it).  If nothing drastic happens, I’ll probably give a brief update at the one-year mark just to track how my hormones have leveled out and everything.  If you are considering getting a Skyla IUD and you have any questions, feel free to ask away here in the comments or use one of the many methods I have available to contact me.

But yeah, just to reiterate – 10/10, would do again – if you’re on the fence, go for it!  I’m happy I have :)

You can read my original post on insertion here and my 18 month follow-up here.

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  1. I got the skyla IUD 10/1/15 and I’ve been spotting everyday since then except for 2 days of no spotting. I’m worried it’ll be that way the whole time on this IUD. Did your spotting Ever ceased? If so, after how many months? How many spot-free days do you have? I’m worried…

    • I’m close to 180 days out and I’m not spotting, but I am still having a period about every 2 weeks. I am hoping that lets up soon. Even if it doesn’t, I still think it’s worth it.

  2. Did you have any other side affects so far? Weight gain, acne? I had horrible cystic acne with the paraguard so now I’m trying to give one last hormonal method (skyla) a try even though I don’t do well on hormones.

    • My only issue has been that my damn periods won’t regulate. I am apparently one of the small percentage that gets more frequent periods, whereas most women lose them completely. FML. Other than that, everything else has been fine with me. I’m surprised you got acne on paragard since that one is non-hormonal… do you know why that happened?

      Good luck finding a method that works for you!

  3. its been three months since insertion for me as well and i have noticed my hair has changed it feel like im thinning out i don’t know im scared im going bald …

    • Talk to your doctor!! Changing hormones can cause hairloss. Do you take a multivitamin that has a biotin supplement? Or you can just take straight biotin pills. Biotin is supposed to help with hair and nail growth in women, so I’d suggest supplementing that!

  4. Thank you for posting this! I am so nervous about getting mine in a week after reading some horror stories of the pain and yours makes me feel more at ease.

    • Check back in with me after you get yours and let me know how it goes!

      The pain was horrid, but was literally just a matter of seconds. You can do this.

  5. Ashley M Hensley

    I got my skyla last August and to be honest I hate it. I have terrible cramping at least twice a month and after my boyfriend and I have sex, I sometimes get cramping almost as bad as the day it was inserted. The sex cramps started a little over a month ago and I plan on going to see a gyno as soon as I find one in network since my insurance changed. I’m really scared it shifted or something else terrible. I was on the depo for much longer then healthy but never had an issue so now I feel as though I’m gonna need to find a new birth control. Such a bummer because I really REALLY wanted to like Skyla.

    • Man, it sucks that you’ve had so much problems with yours. Thank you for sharing, though! What do you think you’ll switch to? I have a friend who swears by her Implanon (the arm implant).

      I hope you are able to get into a doctor soon to discover if yours has shifted. Hopefully it’s still chilling in the right place and extraction will be a simple affair. Please come back and update me!

      • I had the implanan for 3 months, and it messed up my horomones BAD. I was having sever anxiety and depression. I couldn’t go a day without breaking down. I had it removed and haven’t looked back since. I had Skyla inserted yesterday, I hope it works out. I really need it to!

        • I am really interested in implanon. The reason I didn’t explore it before is because my arms are massive (if you look at my weight loss posts, you’ll see I have a ton of skin just hanging there) and I want to have a brachioplasty done within the next year or so. I was worried the excess fat/skin may impede its effectiveness, not to mention that it might get cut off when I have the plastic surgery! But I am definitely going to look into it when my Skyla runs out, after my brachioplasty. Are you liking Skyla better?

  6. I LOVE this blog. I have skyla, and have since December 2015. NO period at all! Minimal side effects, some weight gain, acne (nothing too crazy I guess). I do feel as if I am a little more emotional than normal, that’s the only reason I would ever consider having it removed. Because I will seriously cry over ANYTHING lately. I hope you’re still having a good experience with yours! My friends think I’m crazy for calling this little plastic “T” a baby stopper or transformer (the arms on mine fold down upon removal) 9/10 would do it again. Insertion was a BITCH for me.

    • I LOVE my Skyla!!! I didn’t enjoy the insertion, and I haven’t enjoyed the side effects (severe cramping just went away these past few months, and I’m back to a regular cycle rather than every 2 weeks), but it’s totally worth it!!

  7. I got mine inserted end of April and have spotted everyday sense, I don’t know if I should be concerned and ask my OB or just let it be

    • Ashley, did you ever stop spotting and/or talk to your doctor? I spotted for a little bit, then I had periods every 2 weeks religiously for almost the entire first year. It’s gone back to normally finally, though. I would definitely recommend talking to your doc if you never stopped spotting!

  8. I reacted badly to Depo and I was only on it for 9 months. I switched back to the pill I was on previously (Tri-Previfem), but I hate taking the pill and I’m no good at making sure I have it at the same time every day with changing work and class schedules I know it’ll get messed up once school starts back up in the fall. I’ve only been switched back to the pill for about a month (I switched off the shot in a hurry) and have been looking into IUDs since. I just worry I won’t do well with it! Thank you for sharing your story though, I love being able to read the experience others have had! I think I’ll talk to my doctor about Skyla!

    • After a year, I’m glad I went with Skyla. The constant periods have gone (I need to do an update post, 1 year out), and the peace of mind it provides me is incredible. No more nagging fears of pregnancy when I am on antibiotics!

  9. Elena Hernandez

    Hey so am a 20 years old who decided to get Skyla 3/9/16 and the insertion was somewhat painful but only for a few seconds . Since I’ve never had kids I had to get it when I was on my period which btw’s I thought was super gross but you know whatever it had to be done. Ever since I got it I bleed that whole month of march. Then my period some what regulated but it was Still longer then when i didnt have it. Oh and the lower to mid back plus cramps That I get are horrible especially back pain that i feel like my back is going to break or something!! The struggle with my mood swings was very real my poor boyfriend dealt with everyrhing!! It was horrible I hated feelings like i wanted to kill someone .. Well that was the 1st month its June now and I’ve had regular to long periods. With still bad cramps and back pain. Now though am always bloated and ive gaine some weight which am trying to lose and on ocasion some stomach pains. Whi concerns me but I will be making an appointmwnt woth my doctor to see whats going in there. I just wantes to know if you ever got some type of pain after you got your skyla inserted??

    • I had pretty terrible cramps for about the 6 months of Skyla. Really, really bad ones. They started to taper off by month 9, and now – one year out – I don’t really have cramps at all. The constant periods also stopped (I have one regular one a month ago). I also bloated for a month or so after having it inserted, then one day I just peed and peed and peed and the water came off. I think you just have to adjust to it. But it NEVER hurts to talk to a doctor!!!

      • Thank you for your post. I had skyla inserted 12/22/2015 and i’m still having sporadic cramps. I was contemplating having it removed (which would have killed my boyfriend) until I found your blog and read this comment. I will give it the full year and hope they taper off by then :)

  10. Hi! I was so worried about the IUD Skyla because I hear so many bad stories but you honestly made me feel better! I got mine today and the pain was horrible but it was very quick and I’m experiencing some cramps that are on and off, is this normal?

    • I’m glad I helped! Yes, I cramped pretty normally for the first 9 months or so post-insertion… I had some real doozies, too. Thankfully that seems to have tapered off now that I’ve hit the one year mark. I hope yours stop sooner!

  11. Thank you for posting this and your insertion post! I am considering getting the Skyla, I go to my OBGYN on Tuesday to speak to him about it. I am on the Nuvaring now. I am nervous about the Skyla only for 2 reasons, Pain & I’ve heard from someone that it makes your vagina stink.. Can you touch base on that subject! Lol I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half I clean very well now with Summers eve because I have the Nuvaring. But I’m scared this will smell since one person said that! Thank you!
    -nervous mervous lol

  12. I just got skyla about 5 wks ago. I’m a tiny woman and never had a child so they had tried the Morena first and it didn’t go. The pain was intense ! And especially since I was already cramping bc they needed to insert it during my period.
    I just called to have it removed tmrw. Horrible cramps ( almost contraction like cramping ) for most of the 5 wks on & off. Bleeding everyday. Pain after sex to the point where I’m scared of any sexual encounter whatsoever. I could “feel” where the skyla is sitting during my cramping episodes. Now I’m getting emotional, depressed & unmotivated.
    So I’ll keep u posted on how it feels removing it ( I’m honestly scared sh*tless bc the insertion was extreme ). And if anyone has gone thru the removal of skyla , pls chime in & let me know your experience. Ill feel better knowing that I won’t have the bleeding and cramping any longer.
    Thank u for your blog. There’s very little out there explaining the experiences of Skyla & what to expect , good or bad. I’m happy it’s worked so well for u !

    • Update: got my skyla removed yesterday. Was beyond nervous so I took half a Xanax & 3 Advils before going in. She located the strings & said I needed to cough when she was about to pull it out. 1,2,3 cough – and it was out !!! Slight cramp but NOTHING compared to insertion. Was expecting bleeding or cramping but I’ve had NOTHING since it was removed. The pressure is gone, no bleeding or cramping & my slight bloat has gone away. Guess my body was rejecting it. So if skyla is not right for u , don’t fear having it removed. Everyone’s body is different. Just know yours & don’t feel the need to put up w the horrible side effects it might create for u. Good luck ladies !

      • Okay, that coughing recommendation sounds fabulous… never heard of that. I’ll try to remember that tip when I go to have mine removed eventually! Thanks for the update!

      • I just got mines done last Saturday just to be exact. I am considering on getting mines removed because I am slightly cramping and I’m not sure when I am getting my period; which sucks. I just feel something foreign in my body… so we will see! Did you try another BC method?

        • I am about 18 months into Skyla and I love it! My period finally regulated (I still get it), and the cramps have mostly eased off. I love not having to remember to take a pill or worry about backup methods when on antibiotics. If it doesn’t bother you too terribly much, I would wait a little while and see how you like it as your body adapts.

  13. I just had my Skyla inserted yesterday and aside from a “Whoa, that’s an intense cramp!!” while it was put in and fixed, it didn’t hurt for me! I was prescribed Tramadol and 800mg IBP before so maybe that helped. I’d love to hear about your continuing Skyla experiences since you’ve had it in a while!

  14. I’m thinking about Skyla, I just got off the pill cause i think it was really messing with my mood, so I am looking for new BC. I have a friend that’s on Mirena, she likes it so far (only been a few months for her). Do you or your husband feel during sex? that’s my only concern, well one of them anyway, lol

    • After I first had it implanted, my doctor couldn’t see the strings so she made me have an ultrasound to detect it. I was stressing about it having shifted or whatever, and my husband was like, “Dude, no, it’s still there.” I asked how he knew and he told me he could feel it sometimes! That was news to me. Apparently sometimes he could feel the strings… not always, but sometimes.

      Recently I asked him again if he’d felt it lately. He said he hadn’t. I kind of expected that, because I read in some other accounts that the strings almost “soften” with time. (Also, they get coated with your fluids so they become more smooth/slick).

      He insisted it wasn’t unpleasant, or stabby, or anything terrible (I’d read some reports saying that too). He said it was just noticeable that it was up there.

      I wouldn’t worry about it!

  15. I had skyla since the beginning of February and immediately my periods went from murder scenes to what seems like normal bleeding. The insertion was bad. I get most annoyed that my period cycle is so short and I am bleeding for longer. I would get my period regularly on the 12th since having Sklya inserted but this month my period decided to show up on the 4th and it hasn’t stopped yet. I really like the benefits of Skyla I just want the bleeding to stop for such a long time. I have looked all over for reviews that can fit my situation and your was the closest. Very detailed. It actually gave me some hope even though everyone’s body is different. My doctor wanted me to take BC pills for a month to see if it will regulate but said I will start bleeding crazy if I didn’t take the pills correctly and on time. Also said if that didn’t work she was going to have to remove it and I didn’t want either to happen so I am just giving my body more time to adjust. Before Skyla I didn’t use birth control for about a year and before that I was on the PATCH which I really liked but my doctor wouldn’t let me get it again suggested I do Sklya instead. I will start keeping track of my cycle now since you mentioned it.

    • I need to make an update post, but one year out everything has returned to normal. My cycles are almost spot-on 28 days now. Have hope!

  16. I had Liletta inserted July 20, went back for my follow up and it shifted down. My OB wanted to replace it and chose skyla because it’s smaller. Liletta insertion was uncomfortable (I’m tilted backwards and angled) so finding the way in was the worst part. Light cramping and spotting for 2 weeks then one week of an actual period (I had it inserted during ovulation). When Skyla was inserted the cramps were terrible. Talk about going back to middle school killer cramps. I thought I was going to be sick and passout. Made it home on my own, took a loritab and it didn’t help with the pain. The next morning I felt good, no pain, no anxiety. Today I had hard cramps this morning and decided to stay home. Still no bleeding, no spotting. I’m like majority of women and afraid to poop bc I don’t want to push it out! But we all know that’s just a fear not real. I do crossfit workouts and was told no workouts that involve “bearing down” so I don’t move it or expel it. Hopefully this one stays in place because my insertion was painful.

    • That’s interesting — my doctor never told me anything about not bearing down. I regularly weight lift, squats and deads and stuff like that. Never had any issue. I suspect your doctor was using an overabundance of caution.

      How are you liking Skyla now?

  17. I’m 72 hours after insertion & even though I felt like I was going to die from pain during the actual insertion, I am completely pain free & no bleeding!

    • That’s awesome! Stop back in a few months and update me on how you’re doing!

      • Sooooo…I think I spoke too soon. These back cramps are killer! Ibuprofen 800 mg it is, I guess!

        • So I was dying the first 12 hours. Then after sleeping it off the following day I was fine. I’m now in my 2nd day after skyla was inserted and the stabbing cramps and lower back pain are back with a vengeance. I really hope it goes away soon. I don’t think I can handle this for a year. I don’t want to get it removed either after all that pain. Does anyone know ifor removal is as painful?

          • One reader recommended that you cough as it is being removed, and that removal wasn’t really painful. I have no idea how common that is for most ladies!

            How is Skyla treating you now, a month later?

  18. I got my skyla back in August of 2013 (it is now expired). I got it because I had issues with every bc pill I’d been on (10+) I will say the ONLY good thing about that horrible piece of plastic is not having to take a pill every day. It’s been absolute torture for the last 3 years. 2 periods a month, extreme pain and cramping, my right leg literally feels like it’s on fire for days and I can hardly walk. Insertion was excruciating, I was laid up in bed for 24 hours after… Pain during sex 9/10 times, bad enough to bring me to tears. Acne, bloating constantly. Heart burn, migraines. The only reason I didn’t get it taken out within a month was because I lost my insurance. After this I will never be on any kind of birth control again. I’d rather take my chances with condoms than suffer any longer. Finally, the end is in sight. Planned parenthood told me they would charge me $60 for removal and my next paycheck, that’s it. I will cry tears of sheer joy, no inevitable the pain of removal will most likely be. Finally, I will have my life back.

    • I’m sorry your experience with Skyla was so terrible. It concerns me that your “right leg literally feels like it’s on fire for days,” that would make me wonder if you had a blood clot forming (potential side effect of birth control).

      I firmly believe that every body is different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the other! What are you going to use now that Skyla is out?

  19. Hi, I’m supposed to be getting my skyla IUD tomorrow after being on Depo for a year and gaining weight and being crazy. But, I’m reading scary stories and I might cancel my appointment. I’m worried about losing my sex drive and bleeding so much. Any advice?

    • One year out, my periods have moderated and are back to a normal cycle. It never impacted my sex drive.

      Did you get it inserted? How are you liking yours?

  20. Please do a year update! Lol. I had mine inserted Feb. 14, 2016. Have you ever (on Skyla) had a pregnancy scare? I don’t track my periods which makes me constantly think I’m pregnant. I hate feeling paranoid. Now instead of having a period I have more of a reddish-pinkish-brownish discharge. I asked my doctor if it was ok and she said it was spotting. But I think I would much rather have a full blown period than a discharge.

    • I do need to do a year update, but there’s not really much to report — situation normal, periods regulated, all good!

      I have never had a pregnancy scare. I do track my periods. I use a planner religiously with school/work, so I just circle the day of the month my period starts on the calendar, and then when it ends I draw a line from the circle to that day so I can see how long it lasted. It’s no hassle for me to do this since I always have my planner with me.

      IUDs have such a high efficacy as birth control, I’m not even sure a missed period would make me fear pregnancy. Trust in your birth control, and start tracking your periods for peace of mind!

  21. I just got my Skyla today! Loved reading your blog and I’m hoping my experience is similar. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen before this for 7 years and for the last 2 years I’ve had crazy cycle-specific anxiety. When I went off it the anxiety disappeared! I chose Skyla since it was the smallest IUD and had the least hormones (without having no hormones). My insertion was REALLY quick and uncomfortable but definitely not as bad as I was prepared for. I’m relaxing at home now and feel a little crampy but nothing crazy. How are things for you now since you’ve had it over a year? Did you end up with any mood swings or acne issues? Thanks for sharing!

    • I never wound up with mood swings or acne issues.

      My weight loss stalled initially for several months. If you haven’t poked around here, this is primarily a weight loss blog, and the stalling was aggravating. I just figured it was my hormones adjusting and kept on keeping on. A few months later, I had a couple of days where I peed and peed and peed (tmi?) and after that, about 10lbs had dropped off in a nice “woosh.” Water weight’s a bitch!

      Now, one year out, my periods have regulated. I’m back to a normal 28 day cycle! I am loving Skyla!

  22. Hey! Thank you thank you for this blog- there is literally NOTHING out there on Skyla. Anyway, I got my Skyla inserted July 12 this past year, so it’s been just over 3 months. Previously, I had Paraguard for a year and it really messed me up. I had debilitating cramps and horrible bleeding, plus pain during sex. I finally got it out in early July (2016) and turns out it was inserted wrong and it was poking into my uteran lining. So my *new* gyno suggested Skyla and I got it inserted and everything was fine …until about a month ago when I started getting THE WORST cramps ever. Like worse than my Paraguard poking my uterus cramps. They last anywhere from 5 minutes to more than 3 hours, and I feel constantly bloated. The back pain comes with the cramps now, too. I guess I’m just wondering if you experienced the same thing and just rode it out? It seems like I pop 800mg IBuprofen every day and sit with a grimace and my hand rubbing my cramps until they subside. I appreciate any info/relation you may have about these horrrrrrible cramps! Thanks!

    • I think in your situation I would request an ultrasound to see if the Skyla has slipped out of place. They can do that, and I wonder if you’re not prone to IUD issues after your Paragard problems. I mean, my cramps were pretty bad, but I wasn’t medicating them. Yours sound far more severe, and I would speak to my doctor if I were you!

  23. Stephanie bejarano

    Im getting mine in about 2 weeks you have put my mind at ease thank you!

  24. Thank you for sharing a positive story, and I am glad you are doing so well with Skyla. All we seem to see these days on the internet are horror stories. I currently have the Paragard (have had it a little over a year) and I am trying to decide if I should switch to Skyla because I hate having a mediumish, crampy period for 5-7 days. My doctor suggested I give skyla a try since it has less hormones than the Mirena.. but I’m just scared of side effects! Lol

    • Skyla is not advertised to stop periods, so I don’t know how that would impact you if you switched. I still have my period on it. It’s lighter than it was without hormonal birth control, but it’s definitely still there.

      Mirena, from what I understand, has a much higher rate of women losing their periods, because of the increased hormone dosage.

  25. Thank you for this post!! I have read absolute horror stories about Skyla. My obgyn has been after me to get it for the past 2-3 years and I keep freaking myself out to the point of not doing it. I was at the obgyn today and we discussed it yet again. Birth Control pills have completely diminished or I should say killed my sex drive. I have zero desire anymore. On top of that I have gained weight and my mood swings suck. I’ve tried numerous pills and they only seem to make it worse. I’ve never cramped before during a period, I always get headaches instead. It makes me nervous reading about all the cramps Skyla produces, especially since I’m not used to having them or even know what they are like. I’m 30 years old btw with no kids, but plan to start having them after the 3 year mark of Skyla (if I go that route). Do you feel Skyla has helped your sex drive after getting off the pill? And would you still recommend it considering my non-cramping experience?

    • Absolutely don’t get Skyla if it freaks you out. Your obgyn shouldn’t be “after you” to get anything you’re not comfortable with!!

      If you have issues with hormones, I’m not sure if Skyla would be right for you — though it has a lower dose than Mirena, it still is a hormonal birth control. Paragard is copper and hormone free, but I heard it can give pretty bad cramps. No personal experience there.

      Skyla didn’t impact my weight, but I count my calories. Can’t gain weight if you don’t eat more than you burn!

      Skyla has not impacted my sex drive in any way, either. I don’t think I’ve ever really had that happen with a birth control, so YMMV!

  26. I’m on the 7th month mark with skyla. The first 3 months my period was spot on and after that I had some spotting a week before my period. Now the 6th month and I had my period 2 days early and its always been light but now I notice that it’s more on and off than usual. It went solid for 3-4 days and then came back randomly throughout the next 3. Should I be concerned? Is it implantation bleeding?? I can feel the strings perfectly fine

  27. Hi Britt,

    This blog has given me some questions marks regarding a soon-to-come appointment I have made to get the Skyla. I am getting it next wednesday and I leave saturday from norcal to move to washington in lieu of the field season (I am a wildlife biologist). By nature, my job will be strenuous and in the backcountry, some days backpacking. Very rigorous activities. I am worried to get it so soon to my leaving for work. I think “What is there are complications” or “What if the cramping and pain is so bad I cannot perform my new work duties”. All things on my mind… Would you have done it before such a life change? Do you think I should do it when I get back to Norcal in 6 months? My gyno recommended I use pills for the duration of this experience. I haven’t been on any type of BC for about 3 years now (and i love not being on them) but after a recent ovarian cyst rupture, I have been recommended to go back on. Thoughts anyone?

    • So, if it were me… I would not want to get an IUD right before I go out into some rural backpacking areas. But I am a worrier with an overabundance of caution! My biggest reason for switching to Skyla was for birth control, for not having to worry and having a method in place that antibiotics didn’t interfere with. If you just need hormone management for ovarian cysts, I think I would stick to an oral BC during the trip and switch on the way back. But that is just what I would do — listen to your doctor!

  28. Hey im 19 and i got skyla inserted the 7th of april, im experiencing like cramps only like during the day like they come and go but it still very painfully annoying i wanted to know if u experienced this during your first few weeks/ months after insertion. im unsure cause this my first time using any type of birth control, and i get really paranoid about things at times, i just wanted to know if this is like normal, cause im young plus i dont have any medical insurance so i worry any check ups will be very pricey for me.

    • Did your doctor schedule a follow up appointment? Most of them follow up a few weeks out to make sure the IUD is still sitting in the right place and that everything is okay. Can you feel the strings? If you’re worried, you need to talk to your doc.

      • I’m considering skyla. I go in July 11 to talk about it and possibly have it inserted that day. I’m trying to read up on it as much as I can. Most reviews I’ve seen are bad. I have a
        Mother and sister who both had bad experiences with mirena, very bad. My mom had a blood clot form that had to be surgically removed from the mirena. So I’m worried that I wouldn’t be a good candidate for any IUD.

        I use to use the pill and everything was fine. I may have been more moody.

        Now I have a child. I gave birth October 2015 and don’t want to bother remembering a pill everyday I’m to busy and sex isn’t a constant thing in my life because I am single and rarely would be sexually active at all. I think having an iud there as my back up in case a condom failed then that would be great. I do NOT want another baby. I haven’t been sexually active since becoming pregnant but I’m sure I can’t go on that way forever! So I’m hoping skyla could work…

        • I would think that you wouldn’t be a candidate for Skyla since you’ve given birth — Skyla is advertised as being for women who have not had a pregnancy. I wonder if a nonhormonal IUD, like Paragard, would be a good fit for you?

        • Stephanie bejarano

          i had skyla inserted in november and it was the best decision i work full time and have 2 kids so remebering a pill is out of the question! i have rried so many other birth controls and didnt like them….everyone is different but i recommend it to all my friends

  29. Your post has saved me some anxiety! I just went for my one month skyla check and the dr couldn’t find the strings either! I have an ultrasound next week. I have no pain or symptoms of perforation or expulsion. I think the same thing is happening to me, but I’m still quite nervous! She didn’t seem too worried, so I guess I shouldn’t be? The thought of having the damn thing taken out and put in again is terrifying me – and thought of surgical removal makes me want to puke! Any words of advice??

  30. Hello!! I love your post and I just read your 18 month follow up on Skyla because I’m at abouy 14 months of having my Skyla, and have considered removing it, because occasionally I have cramps that stop me in my tracks! Not the worst in the entire world, but like you said my uterus is probably squeezing Skyla thinking wtf is this!!! I’m still not sure if I will keep it or not for sure, but it seems to me that it gets better from your post :) I guess i know too from youre experience you can’t always trust your doctor, so I’m a bit weary bc i had a check up this summer before my yearly pap smear bc i still had somewhat heavy periods and cramps that really sucked. Now my flow is next to nothing which is nice, but even just today i was not going anywhere after a cramp attack! Anywho, thank you for your post, you have given me hope! :)

    • I hope things have continued to improve with your Skyla! I am due to get mine out and replaced this June, and I’ll be chronicling that, too. Definitely not looking forward to that appointment!!!

  31. Happy to have found this searching the internet because I’m dying (almost).. I think. I got Skyla inserted in May of this year, about 6 months ago. My periods are shorts and fine, but THE CRAMPS, they’re killing me slowly. I get the same cramps you mentioned a few days before which lets me know that I will be starting my period. Ibuprofen that was recommended does absolutely nothing. They woke me up they were so bad the other night. I found vicodin from my wisdom teeth surgery a few months back and you’re damn right I took some so that I could get some sleep, only thing that has helped my cramps honestly but don’t want to become a drug addict of course. I know every one will have a different experience because biology lol, but did your cramps ever get better? I never had cramps before Skyla which is the shitty part because I am mainly not used to them, but boy that are so strong and leave me in the fetal position. The bad days make me rethink having it, but every other day surrounded my period/cramps I am so happy that I did get it. Just need some hope to get me through a couple more months before I make any further decisions.

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