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Recipe Review: Twisted’s Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Meatloaf

I’ve never really been one for following recipes when it comes to cooking.  I’m more of the “throw some shit in a pan and see how it turns out” kind of haphazard cook.  Baking is my big exception – I think I’m a terrible baker (see: impatience), so I tend to follow recipes there.  But as far as most meals go, I think I’ve got a fairly good concept of the sorcery of cooking, you know, stuff like use eggs as binders and so forth.  At any rate, what I’m getting at is this: I don’t use recipes often, generally preferring to fly by the seat of my pants.  But occasionally I’ll see something online and think, hmm, I should try that.  I figured I might start sharing some of those adventures with you guys, sort of my own “Pinterest Fails,” if you will.

There have been two foods that I have been craving lately: bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and meatloaf.  I live right down the road from this glorious, tiny old little grocery store called Compton’s.  This place serves plate lunches/dinners.  Like they have this little heated carousel and every day they put out their own meals alongside their rotisserie chickens.  They do an insanely good cheeseburger that comes wrapped in foil and this meatloaf that is to DIE for.  It’s just perfect.  I’ve been avoiding it because I’m sure there must be breadcrumbs in it, but lord, have I been craving the hell out of it.

So when one of my besties shared a video recipe from Twisted on Facebook, it caught my attention: Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Meatloaf.  That sounded like an incredible marriage of my two biggest cravings and hey, guess what — I happened to have all the ingredients on hand!  I made a few keto-friendly substitutions, of course, but otherwise followed the directions explicitly.  Here’s the link to their recipe:

My alterations:

  • Parsley > Italian Seasoning (since I didn’t have just plain parsley on hand)
  • Cream cheese > Neufchatel (my preference over the full fat stuff, since I watch calories. Kroger brand is 2 carbs/serving.)
  • Breadcrumbs > my 3-2-1 Keto Breading
  • BBQ sauce > I specifically used G. Hughes sugar free Hickory sauce, but I mixed it 1:1 with Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup because I tend to like a tomato-y meatloaf
  • I added some cheese on top because cheese is always amazing

The verdict:

Okay, so this was really, really good.  The only problem?  IT EXPLODED!!!  I made sure to seal the “top” onto it really well but damned if that seam of meat didn’t come apart anyway!  Observe:

Here it is in the loaf pan.  It looks like the top covering of ground beef shrunk, exposing all the molten jalapeno popper filling inside!  At this point I was like, “This is going to be a hot damn mess if I invert it and BBQ it… ah well, bet it’ll still taste good.”

So I grabbed the foil and inverted it on a baking sheet.  Predictably, the cheese began to ooze everywhere.  Not one to fear oozing cheese, it was at this point that I looked at my husband and asked, “You think I should put some more cheese on top?”  He answered with a pretty enthusiastic “hell yes,” so after basting, I laid a few slices of some fancy European cheese I bought at Sam’s Club on top (I don’t remember what kind… something French? It was in a variety pack).

I used a half & half mixture of sugar free bbq sauce and low carb ketchup to baste the top (pre-cheese adding) and the sides, and then broiled it until the cheese began to get all molten-y.

Look at all that oozing cheese.  LOOK AT IT.  This thing was ugly but DELICIOUS.  I served it in bowls and CB and I reveled in the mix of meatloaf and jalapeno popper flavor.

exploded meatloaf in bowl

Keeping it super real here, there’s my bowl of ‘splodey meatloaf on my desk, where I practically hoovered it while browsing Reddit.  Because that’s what I do.

I have no idea what the nutritional contents of this two pound meat&cheese monster was.  I didn’t bother calculating them out.  I figure it’s fairly low carb since the only carbs come from the cheese, keto breading and sauce.  Nothing too extreme there.  It’s also the only thing I ate yesterday because it was filling as hell.  I made it at lunch time after skipping breakfast, and it held me until bedtime.  It was glorious.

This will definitely be on the menu again in the future since I’m STILL craving jalapeno poppers and meatloaf.  It wasn’t super easy to make (it was kind of annoying patting out the meatloaf cavern and then trying to attach the top), but I’ll give it another go.  I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do next time to try to keep it intact.  But I’m also kind of not that worried about it because let’s be real, this thing might have been ugly but it was tasty af.  And that’s all that really matters, right?

Would definitely recommend this recipe to you guys!

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  1. Cheese stuffed meatloaf sounds so excellent. I’m a big fan both of meatloaf and of stuffing things with cheese (and am also very much a “wing it” cook *fist bump*), so your explosion problem made me think. Maybe the breadcrumbs/egg binder in the not-keto version absorbs more moisture so makes a thicker “wall” and seals it all in better? (Whereas the parm/flaxseed would pretty much stay in the same shape.) Maybe try it with just one egg in the meat mix next time and see if that fixes the problem?

    1. My thought was that there just wasn’t enough meat – the walls were really thin. So I actually attempted to make this again the other day, using almost twice as much beef. This time, I rolled the meat out, spread the mixture on top of it, then rolled the meat back up so the mixture spiraled through it… made a giant meat log, if you will. Yeah. That didn’t work either, explosion even worse than the first time! Your solution may work. Or I may wrap it in bacon next time… bacon should give more structural integrity, don’t you think? :D

    1. YES!!!! Do you live over here on my side of town, Garry?! Compton’s is the best. Rikki says she’s going to name her firstborn “Compton’s Baked Potato.” I get their packs of bacon for breakfast sometimes on my way to work, I love how crispy it is. Their meatloaf is killer, too.

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