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      1. I made this last night for the first time with the caramel sauce and a little maple flavoring extractAll I can say is YOU just saved me from a relapse on the holidays!

  1. Mmmm these are good! I used the 90% dark and almond butter….I think I’ll use peanut butter next time, but still they’re really good :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! I’ve used almond butter too, but peanut butter is definitely my favorite for that mock-Reeses appeal. I’m still working up to 90% (firmly at 86% currently).

    1. Which recipe, specifically? From what I can tell from this end, it looks like you’re looking at my recipes page. Those are organized to print easily and don’t have all the data. There should be a button near the top that says “Full Post.” If you click that, it’ll take you to the original blog post with that recipe, which should have the nutritional data in it :)

      1. I was referring to the pancake recipe but your response cleared it up completely. Once I found that “full post” button it took me right to it. Thanks!

  2. OMG so I am obsessed with these. I made a double batch and split them into 1oz servings. It made 15 instead of 24, but man oh man, they are the best things ever. I started to pout yesterday when I forgot to bring one to work for my after school “treat” (I teach..) I put them in silicone cupcake molds so I get shapes like butterflies, stars, hearts and typical cupcake edges. I am in LOVE. THANK YOU!!!

    1. As a teacher, you definitely need and deserve an after school treat!!! (Trust me, I taught for 4 years and I used to hide Lindt truffles in my desk…)

      Glad these help!

    1. Those are measurements! “Tablespoons” are commonly represented in recipes with a big “T,” and “teaspoons” are represented with a little “t.” Hope that helps!

  3. I made your coconut-almond pancakes for dessert tonight and filled them with pure cream and a few blackberries…I am so happy I found your website, they were very tasty! Thank you for sharing your edible creations.

    1. Oh my… that sounds amazing. Did you whip the cream? How did you fill them? Like, did you wrap them around it? Or did you inflate them somehow like Twinkies? I wish you had a picture to share!

  4. Just found your site and am SO PROUD of you and all your hard work!
    I see some of your great recipes have the percentages broken down and some don’t. Like the coconut-almond pancakes. Are these available? Thanks again for all these great recipes, and I’m ready to start this journey!

    1. Sorry, just went to print this and see the chart at the bottom.
      What a blessing you are to those of us starting this wild ride to fitness.

  5. Hi, love your recipes! & info!, but I haven’t been getting your newsletter/blog lately, I haven’t cancelled it.

    1. Kelly,

      I just tried to resubscribe you manually, and it says you have opted out of email subscriptions. WordPress said it would send you an email with more details. Let me know if that helps?

  6. Love your recipes, but where do you find flaxseed Flor, almond flour, and the other “exotic” items? Stores do not carry these in my town! Thank you!

    1. I find all of these items at my local grocery store! Kroger/Walmart/Publix all carry them. Do you have any large chain stores like those close to you? They may be hidden in the health food or gluten free sections.

      When all else fails, Amazon! :D

      1. Hey Jason, thanks for letting me know there’s an issue. I’m not sure why it’s not showing up! I’ll look into the recipes section later, I need to add to it, anyway!

        You can find any of my original recipe posts by typing in the name in the search box in the upper right hand corner of my blog. Here’s the full page for Happy Almond Bombs :)

  7. With your pizza crust, are you precooking then adding sauce/cheese/toppings or once rolled out, everything goes together and cooks from there? I precooked Italian sausage to ensure fully cooked. Thanks

    1. The recipe calls for cooking the crust and the ingredients separately (well, bacon and sausage and the like — pepperoni doesn’t need to be cooked), and then combining everything and letting it melt together.

  8. I tried pinning this and got a weird message about switching images…and it won’t save. Any ideas? I’m afraid I’ll forget where I saw the recipe if I don’t pin it. Thanks.

  9. Ok. Part of the problem is that the recipe I’m looking at is for pancakes but some of hte comment are for the peanut butter cups………..? Either way, I can’t save the recipe on this page (which is pancakes) on Pinterest. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    1. If you click my “Recipes” link it takes you to my “Recipage” that has all of my recipes featured. They’re no-nonsense printables there; it’s like a database. But if you look at the specific recipe (if you’re looking at my pancakes, you’re at this page:, in the little gray bar right under the social media icons, there’s a link you can click that says “Full Post.” And if you click that, it takes you to the original page where you can pin :) Hope that helps!

  10. 321 protein coating

    Made this for the first time today to coat/pan fry some Black bass and porgies I caught last month on Long Island Sound. I used Kraft shredded Parm and it worked great. I also used the whole egg with a splash of water for the dip solution. Added Old Bay, pepper, garlic salt and onion powder to the 321. This is a keeper.

    1. I haven’t posted it yet! But the filling is basically just a box of sugar free jello, a block of cream cheese, a cup of heavy cream and a half a cup of sour cream, all whipped together and plopped in a crust.

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