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Sick days :(

Woke up yesterday knowing I was coming down with a cold.  I hate that feeling of creeping impending sickness – a sore ear, tickle in the throat, grogginess, and excessive sneezing.  Last night I fell asleep on the loveseat with the throat hurting and this morning I woke up full of mucus.  Soooooo gross (and I hope my description was too!).

So after finally convincing myself to climb out of bed I made a delicious pot of oatmeal.  I consider myself to be somewhat of an oatmeal connoisseur.  I won’t eat the instant stuff and I’ve got to make it myself with a base of half milk, half water, and a banana that emulsifies into it to make it deliciously sweet without the addition of artificial flavoring or sugar.  I always add some sort of protein too, whether it be an egg whisked in with the liquids or some cottage cheese stirred in at the end.  I made today’s particular variety with half milk/half apple cider and put a diced Gala apple into it along with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Best pot I’ve had in awhile (I say that each time, fyi).

Yesterday in WoW I got my death knight’s reputation to exalted with both Ramkahen and the Guardians of Hyjal, opening me up to a couple of nice epic items… plus some retarded-looking riding camels, yay!  More excitingly, we finally beat the Lich King – and we one-shot it!  Most of our group was lvl 85, which helped immensely.  When we got to a rough spot we just plowed through with the dps.  At one point I looked at recount and I was doing 20k!  And now I’m Shamaroth the Kingslayer.

Last night I had a weird dream that it was summer and I was at the Bel-Aire pool with Hetet.  We were lined up on the wall in the 5ft area when the pool started to drain and an officious-looking man came up and handed us a card, telling us that a girl nearby had just been diagnosed with rabies and we might want to get shots “just in case.”  The rest of the dream was me and Hetet debating whether we should get our rabies vaccinations. What the hell?

Maybe it was dinner?  I made brussels sprouts from a recipe I found online that turned out pretty tasty:  brussels sauteed with apples in cider (obviously today’s breakfast used the non-brussels leftovers).  We also had smoked porkchops that I got from the butcher in Hopkinsville that were delicious.. an inch thick cut that I slow cooked in the crockpot with bbq sauce.  To top it all off we had some garlic mashed potatoes.

Today I’m planning on playing some more WoW, finishing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and calling my mom to tell her I’m sick and ask for her to deliver me my favorite I’m-sick food:  wonton soup and dumplins from Redwood.  Hope I’m feeling better by tomorrow… we’ve got to venture out into the cold for some more groceries and to take Storm to the vet for another checkup.

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