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Yoga for Beginners: how I learned to love the heat

Ten years and many pounds ago, I won my first Women’s Foil competition in a fencing tournament.  I was certainly not the best fencer in our club; although I’d slimmed down to my healthiest weight, I was still chubby and ...

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7 Quick Takes 10.26.13

— 1 — I missed last week’s post because I’ve been acclimating to working full time again. I know, excuses excuses! It’s nice to be making a pretty decent paycheck and to have access to some decent benefits (totally looking ...

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7 Quick Takes 10.13.13

  — 1 — DAMMIT WORDPRESS INTERFACE.  Sometimes I get to typing too fast and the next thing I know, a box pops up on my screen with “Really leave page?” and then all of a sudden this closes out ...

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Food & Fitness – August 2013 Recap

So as I’m starting to write this, it’s Saturday, August 10th.  As of this point, Canadian Bacon and I have incorporated daily fitness into our routines for a little over a month.  Living with my grandparents in their poor physical ...

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