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Everyday Eats: Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Woohoo!  It’s Friday – a sentiment I can now happily share with all traditionally-employed people, having once again resumed a “normal” schedule.  I’m so glad I only worked two days this week… gotta ease back into it!  And I’m ALREADY ...

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Keto Pizzadillas

When I first started keto, I was living on little pita pizzas for lunch time.  They’re fast to make and tasty.  And my husband has a pizza addiction. Later on, I decided I wanted a real pizza, and created a ...

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Cheesy Bacon Dogs

A quick note:  Somehow my gmail began labeling comment notifications as spam.  Today when I cleaned out my mail, I was shocked to find a slew of comments that I’d missed these past few weeks.  I’ll be answering them over ...

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Keto Pizza Crust

Long before I ever married my husband, I knew his favorite food was pizza.  This was a point of some contention early on in our relationship: whenever I’d ask him what he wanted for dinner, he’d respond with the p-word.  ...

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Keto Fried Chicken Strips

For a long time now, I’ve avoided fried chicken, because like most people I believed that fat=bad.  The only exception to this rule was my Meemaw’s fried chicken legs, which she makes occasionally for holidays, and they are absolutely delicious.  ...

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Delicious Keto Pita Pizzas

These keto pita pizzas are amazingly delicious.  They are incredibly filling, despite being the caloric equivalent of one Papa John’s large pepperoni pizza slice.  If you’re keto-ing it up and craving some pizza, these will hit the spot! Some background ...

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