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WildStar: First Impressions (Or, My Life as a Crazy, Homocidal Chipmunk)

I have so much I want to say about this most excellent game, but I’m under a non-disclosure agreement to keep my lips (mostly) sealed.  I’m unable to provide any screenshots or talk in-depth about gameplay that has not already ...

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7 Quick Takes 12.6.13

— Saturday — I had asked Meemaw to wake me up after 10am to take Bacon to the vet, as she’d been telling me all week that she wanted us to go on Saturday.  She woke me up at 9am ...

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7 Quick Takes 10.13.13

  — 1 — DAMMIT WORDPRESS INTERFACE.  Sometimes I get to typing too fast and the next thing I know, a box pops up on my screen with “Really leave page?” and then all of a sudden this closes out ...

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