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Food & Fitness: January 2014 Recap

“Your diet isn’t good for you. You need to drink juice.” “You’re going to get sick going to yoga this winter. You’re going to get chilled and catch pneumonia.” “You’re missing too many vitamins from your diet. You don’t eat ...

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Food & Fitness: December 2013 Recap

Spoiler alert:  December 2013 was not the best month ever.  According to that son of a bitch, the scale, I actually put on 2lbs.  My measurements mostly stayed the same, but they did shrink slightly in a few places, so ...

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7 Quick Takes 12.6.13

— Saturday — I had asked Meemaw to wake me up after 10am to take Bacon to the vet, as she’d been telling me all week that she wanted us to go on Saturday.  She woke me up at 9am ...

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Food & Fitness: November 2013 Recap

The end of November marked the end of mine and Canadian Bacon’s second month on our new keto diet, and the fourth month since we have been trying to become more fit and healthy.  Spoiler alert: it’s still going great. November also ...

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Yoga for Beginners: how I learned to love the heat

Ten years and many pounds ago, I won my first Women’s Foil competition in a fencing tournament.  I was certainly not the best fencer in our club; although I’d slimmed down to my healthiest weight, I was still chubby and ...

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