TGBR – An Update in Pictures

I’ll try to let the pictures do most of the talking here.  These are roughly in chronological order.

View from the bedroom to the outside. This is the last time you’ll ever see this open :)
Closet is blocked to hang things. I am going to install double rods in the back, a shoe rack to one side, and put some hooks on the opposite wall to hold bigger items.
Looking from the base of the stairs out to the main living area. Bedroom before it’s drywalled off.
And we have internet!! Meemaw and SB have Charter, so CB and I traced the coax cables that were running along the joists to figure out what would be the best way to tap in. We wound up unhooking the cable to the TV in the living room, rerouting it to the corner where our desk will be, and connecting it to a 2-way splitter which we then ran back to the TV. We then moved the hardware downstairs rather than leaving it bunched up and tangled under SB’s desk. If we ever want to add our own TV down there we can just change out the 2-way for a 3-way and run another line under the drop ceiling.
Looking back into the bedroom as drywall begins to go up!
HVAC lines in the bedroom bulkheaded out.
Aaaannnnd we have drywall and a proper room!
Somehow we managed to fit our entire bathroom on the back of the truck. This was the most harrowing ride EVER.
The drywall now extends up to the living area. Me and CB have to figure out how to frame out those windows now.
Day 1 with the plumbers. They are AWESOME, the nicest and most personable guys who are still super professional. Here they have cut out and jackhammered the concrete to plumb the tub and toilet.
They replaced the lower half of the cast iron plumbing with PVC, ran our new lines, and are beginning to backfill. I got to scratch our initials into the wet concrete back behind the main line!
It’s amazing how much brighter things look in our cave of a bedroom with a ceiling in place. The light bounces around more and I know it will be even better with a coat of satin paint on the walls and a bright white ceiling!
Mostly completed bedroom! We still need to finish mudding and sanding, and then I will paint, and then CB will reinstall the dangling light fixture and we’ll put a new grate on the HVAC bulkhead.
I’d been pondering what to do about letting the cats have access in and out of the bedroom. Voila, a cat door through the wall that will be easily patched if it needs to be plugged up – nicer and much simpler to repair than if we put it through the door!
A fortune of Sherwin-Williams paint. Not pictured is a 5-gallon bucket of Kilz latex drywall primer. I can’t wait to get the walls primed and painted!
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  1. Hey guys nice job! Looking at these pics you have certainly turned the place around big time. We sure are proud of the work and organizing you have done to date. Have you moved in yet? Looking forward to seeing the final product. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Mom & Dad! We haven’t moved in yet. Last night we primed all the drywall and we are about to go over there to paint today. Then we’ll lay the flooring hopefully this weekend and look into moving in next week with some of the work still unfinished (trimming windows, drop ceiling installed, bathroom not yet finished – but we can use the one upstairs). We want to be moved in before I have to report back to my job on the 15th!

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