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Dude, I totally have a bedroom.  And a master closet that’s alllllllll miiiiiine because let’s face it, Canadian Bacon doesn’t have a bazillion clothes and shoes like I do, and he’s more than happy to give me that space.  I’m so excited about it!

But let’s back up.  Despite our slow start, the previous few days have been smooth sailing.  We met up on Tuesday bright and early and got right back to work.  KC showed me how to hang insulation while CB got to wiring the bedroom.  Meemaw had a doctor’s appointment at 9:45 that morning, so after I hung about half of the wall we had to  take off and leave the boys working.  We kept our errands pretty short that day, and Lowes fortunately delivered the rest of our materials pretty early in the morning.  I did spend a large amount of time dealing with that, however.

In my last post, I forgot to mention that on Sunday afternoon I was looking through my MyLowes account on my Lowes app (which is AWESOME btw!) when I realized that the wrong bifold closet doors had been ordered for delivery.  I really dislike the look of builder basic six-panel doors, so I made sure to order two-panel rounded-top carriage-style doors for the bedroom and the bathroom instead, and was thrilled when I found bifolds that matched.  The statement on my MyLowes account said six-panel, so CB and I took time out on Sunday to go to Lowes to 1) add more stuff to our order, because we realized we estimated a little low on studs and drywall, and 2) to correct the bifold order.  The sales associate who did the door exchange said the two-panel doors were special order and I’d have to pick them up in a week.  Whatever, totally worth it to have matching doors in a style I love!

Well, Tuesday morning rolled around, and I was out running errands with Meemaw when Lowes made the delivery.  CB called and said they’d made a mistake with the doors – they’d sent two left-handed doors instead of right-handed.  What he didn’t realize was that they’d also made a mistake with the bifold doors.  They went ahead and delivered the six-panel style instead.  CB and KC and I debated using the left-handed doors instead of the right-handed and honestly, it didn’t really bother me.  I thought the left-handed ones were fine, but we decided to go ahead and go to Lowes to see about getting the order corrected.  It took awhile for the sales associate to figure out what exactly had gone wrong, but she sorted through our various invoices and promised to call me once she’d settled things with a driver.  Lowes was going to pick up the wrong doors and deliver the correct ones, that day.  I have to take time out here to say that even though they messed up, they really impressed me with their customer service and how quick they were to make things right!

When we got back home, KC had already installed one of the doors, so I called back to Lowes to tell them not to worry about exchanging the left-hand for right-hand but that I definitely still needed the bifolds corrected.  Later that afternoon they came by to make the exchange… and you’ll never guess what they did… they brought the same damn six-panel bifolds!  Well, one of them at any rate.  The other was the correct two-panel.  I told the delivery guy the door was wrong and he tried to argue with me, so I pointed out the style difference and he was like “DOH!”  So they had to leave one door with us and take the other back to exchange yet again!  We were getting close to stopping, so I just instructed them where to drop the door under the deck, sure enough they delivered it safe and sound sometime after we’d gone home (and it was the correct one this time, woot).

Back wall, framed, insulated, and vapor barriered. Isn’t my bedroom door pretty?! I love the two-panel carriage-house type style.

Other than hanging insulation that day, I also learned more about framing.  KC showed me how to level a stud and how to drive it into the top and bottom plates, so I got to help build part of our bedroom wall.  While we framed, CB went through and dealt with the electrical.  He had to run parallels from the existing outlets to put new outlets on our bedroom walls, and he also ran a light into my closet and hung the primary overhead light for the bedroom.  We decided to go ahead and install our flush mount LED fixtures because they’re fairly easy to remove and we need light while we work.  When it comes time to hang the ceiling, we’ll just pop them off, stick the ceiling up, and pop them back in.

CB really did a phenomenal job on lighting.  Other than doing some minor electrical work at Mom’s, like switching outlets, I’d never really gotten to see him in his element.  While I know logically that he has an electrical degree and has done this stuff in Canada, there’s a difference between knowing and seeing the skills put into practice.  He’s put all new blue junction boxes in the ceiling, and on Tuesday he also set up our bedroom ceiling light on a dimmer and got the wall outlets working.  Everything is perfect!

CB’s sweet, sweet ass giving me some sweet, sweet light.

Wednesday was more of the same, except Meemaw and I left the house by 10 and didn’t get back until 4, dealing with doctor’s visits, seeing Sugarbandit out at rehab, and picking more things up at Lowes.  The boys busted their asses while we were gone and pretty much finished up all the framing and electrical.  I got to demo the moulding around the windows and hang another wall of insulation, but that was pretty much it.  We were all exhausted and although we’d planned to keep working until 8, we called it quits at about 6:30.  I didn’t remember to take anymore pictures, but I will do so tomorrow.  We’re taking today (Thursday) off because our contractor had a previous engagement out-of-town, but we’ll be back in there tomorrow bright and early to finish off the electrical, insulation, and hopefully start hanging drywall!

After that the burden of work will quickly fall on me, as I’m going to have to prime and paint everything before we tackle flooring.  CB has stated explicitly that he will not be picking up a paintbrush.  He detests painting and since he’s done far more work than me at this point, I can’t really complain.  I still have to pick out paint colors!  I know I want to do a charcoal for the bedroom because I love that color currently in my bedroom at Mom’s house, especially with my furniture and bedding, but I’m going to have to wait to see how dark the room is before I decide.  There won’t be any natural light so I worry about it being a bit too dark – we’ll see.  And I’m pretty set on doing a silvery gray for the main living area, because I think that will go best with my living room furniture and decor.  I’m not really sure yet but I will let you know when I am!

Also, I have locked in a plumber!  We will begin work on the bathroom next Wednesday.  We will be living there before the end of the month!

Expect more pictures after we work tomorrow!

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