TGBR Day 1 – Washroom Cleaning Progress

Today Canadian Bacon and I kicked off The Great Basement Renovation by tackling the washroom.  Until this past summer, it contained Meemaw’s laundry equipment and sundries on one side, and Sugarbandit’s most frequently used workbench and tools on the other.  From the rather dubious mix of dryer lint and diy dirt sprung a disastrous  area that was roughly comparable to hell.  In about three hours, we made a huge dent in there.  Since it was pouring down rain outside we couldn’t take stuff to the dump, but we do have roughly 7 bags and several boxes full of trash that are ready to go when the weather turns.


Duration – 3hrs
Trashed – 7 bags and then some
Spiders – 6, only 1 murdered with a handy baseball bat
Widows – 0 thus far, fortunately
Observations – 3/4ths of the stuff was for aquariums.  I never realized Meemaw had this big of a fishtank problem.  Sugarbandit has a lot of really cool tools and I’m excited at the prospect of having a workshop at hand in the garage.


There’s such a thick layer of grime on everything – any tips for cleaning it up?  The only thing I can think of is to individually wipe each item down with a Clorox wipe, and I know that would take forever.  Suggestions are appreciated!

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