The Rules of Recruiting, Part One (Don’t Be A Dumbass)

One of the best and worst things about being a GM is recruiting.  It’s the best because you get to control who comes into your guild, and you can gather some real gems – people you develop deep friendships with that last years.  On the other hand though, recruiting is the worst because it really sucks.  When you do it right, it takes an inordinately long amount of time and a thankless amount of effort.

I tackle recruiting by doing my research, and by making it both professional and personal.  I have a multi-pronged strategy that includes the following steps –

  • Create my own advertisement for the WoW forums as well as the MMO-Champ forums
  • Ask guild members and other real id friends for referrals – do they know someone looking for a home who meets my criteria?
  • Search the WoWLemmings database – the best invention ever
  • Creep on potentials through WoWTrack to see if they’re guild hoppers, or if I potentially had dealings with them in the past
  • Find them listed on WoW-Heroes to easily locate their most recent World of Logs parses
  • Add them to real id AND/OR track them to their home server, make a toon, and send them an in-game mail
  • Bring them into vent to talk – I always do this with a couple of the raiders in the group I’m recruiting for so they can help screen potentials

So all of this is a lot of work, right?  Damn, I’m getting tired of just looking at it.  And this is why I get so super pissed when I find someone who wastes my time.  And now we get to the crux of this post – I’m going to bitch about something that just happened not even an hour ago and just boggled my mind.

I’m helping our Hutt group find a tank, and their best option is a bear.  Browsing WoWLemmings, I find a likely candidate.  He checks out in a cursory background check, and fortunately he lists his real id.  I add him, and a few minutes later he pops up and says hello.  We engage in a witty banter, and I ask to see his armory.  Herein is a reenactment of our conversation:

Me:  So what’s your toon’s name so I can creep on your armory.
Bear:  I’ll save you the trouble, I’m not raid-ready.
Me: …didn’t you post on the recruiting forums that you’re looking for a raiding guild?
Bear:  I was, but now I’m guilded.

WHAT?  So you get a real id request from me that spells out “4/16H 10m horde lf bear” and you accept the damn invite and engage me in conversation about recruiting and then out of nowhere are just like “I’m not looking for a raiding guild.  I have one.  Plus my gear sucks and your 4/16 HEROIC raid group would never want me.”  What the hell????  Why did you even accept my real id request?  If you were just trying to be nice, you could’ve been like “Hey, just wanted to let you know I found a guild, thanks for the interest” not “blahblahblah talk for 10 minutes about bear tanking and then say I have a guild so piss off.”

And in that time I could have been scouting out more potentials.  Thanks a lot, dumbass.

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