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My Personal Life

Still happily married, still not wanting to ever have kids, still have (sadly) only three cats.  I’d kind of like to have about fifty.  One day…

I applied to graduate school at Western Kentucky University and am keeping my fingers crossed that I am accepted for the fall semester.  I am hoping to pursue my Masters in English.  My eventual goal is to teach college composition&rhetoric courses – there’s decent money in that, and I love teaching writing.  I’m good at teaching writing.  That, and my yearbook, are the things I miss the most from my former teaching career.  Whenever I start to get nostalgic, however, all I have to do is listen to FC (Favorite Cousin, Sheryl) talk about her adventures in substitute teaching.  It reminds me of how terrible the red tape / actually being in a classroom + dealing with all the paperwork was.  Out of the entire experience, and all the facets of it, I only miss teaching writing and journalism.  I honestly think my dream job would be something like a Director of Student Publications position at a university – overseeing their yearbook and newspaper – but all of the job postings I’ve seen for those require masters degrees.  Soon!!

I have also applied for a couple of different jobs at WKU, but the one I’m hoping I get is RD.  It’ll be weird living in the dorms again, but it’ll be a space Darren and I can call our own (and it’ll be a suite, not just a single undergrad room) and I can bring my things out of storage.  The job pays for school, gives a hefty monthly stipend, and also provides benefits (as well as the free housing, of course).  I am also really interested in res life.  I think my teaching experience would lend itself well to this; I’d just be mentoring these kids from the other side.  I spent 3.5 years preparing them for college; now I’ll get to hold their hair back while they vomit after a night of illicit partying and make sure that they used condoms, and guide them to get checked for STDs if they didn’t.  That’s the kind of stuff I wish I could’ve done for my high school kids, but was prevented from doing so by that aforementioned red tape.

Momma’s Kitchen Makeover

This thing is cursed.  Kind of.  When we started in January I thought the renovations wouldn’t be too time consuming.  Oh, was I ever wrong.  We’ve had fiasco after fiasco, have changed our paint/stain colors about ten times, and we’re still not completely done with everything.  Fortunately we’re ready to pop the range hood in, everything is sanded down and in various stage of painting (some more complete than others), Mom threw out and donated a ton of old glassware and dishes and stuff, hallelujah, and I installed a beautiful backsplash.  I’m totally tooting my own horn with this one.  I laid tile and it is gorgeous.  Hell to the yeah!

It’ll look even better after I dehaze it and seal it and caulk along the countertop.  Yes, the cabinets that you can see are a very glossy black.  Like I said… thirty or so different changes in stain later, we finally picked a color and stuck with it.  We still need to finish buying the hardware for the cabinets (I need black screws to reattach the doors, and we need more knobs to match the half of them we already have).  Darren’s also going to rewire the sockets with black ones to make the colors more cohesive.  Also, whoever wired this house installed everything upside down, so he’s slowly fixing that room by room.  It’s the kitchen’s turn.

After this week, I should have a couple of weeks off from my new job, and I hope to finish the kitchen.  There’s actually not too terribly much more to do – we’re in the home stretch!  I just need a few good days set aside to do it.  Oh yeah, and the whole area needs to be vacuumed again because damn, Nyx is shedding like a madwoman and that stuff does not need to embed itself into wet painted cabinets.

World of Warcraft

We switched servers from Undermine to Area-52 in the end of March, and we couldn’t be happier with that decision!  Our new server is huge, with a very healthy economy, and it’s very easy to pug runs on alts and etc.  We went 8/8 HC in quick succession after we transferred and are currently just farming out heroic gear and the mounts off of heroic Madness.

Darren and I both got our beta invites to Mists of Pandaria, but to be honest I haven’t been very interested in it.  I get aggravated really quickly with bugs and lag and such, so I haven’t even played on the servers yet.  I’m sure I will well before MOP is released; I know our raid group will try to prepare as much as we can for the new content to stay competitive on our new realm.

We met our goal of finishing a tier of content while it was current!  We finished out with US-632 ranking overall, which is nothing to sneeze at.  We were also 221st in the US to receive the Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievement – also an awesome accomplishment.

Working Again

I was hired in mid-April to work for a third party testing company in Nashville.  The job itself is pretty interesting – I’m a contract worker who grades other state writing assessments.  I’m trained on whatever the state’s rubric and standards are, then I “qualify” on a set of anchor papers, then I score for the duration of the gig.  I’m about to wrap up my first contract at the end of this upcoming week, and then I’ll have two weeks off before I start my second one.  This first one is grading the Arkansas ACT AAP, which is some sort of state writing assessment.  I’m specifically grading the 8th grader’s assessments.  It’s a fun job, because I’m enjoying reading the papers.  The only thing that sucks is that the nature of the work is temporary (since it’s contract-based), doesn’t provide benefits, and I have to commute to Nashville.  The drive isn’t terrible in the morning, although traffic at the 24/65 split can be rough, but the afternoons are a nightmare because I’m just ready to be home and the drive seems to go so slowly.  I am still applying for other jobs in the area, but I am really hoping WKU picks me up for grad work and the RD job.

My Birthday!

I turn 29 on May 20th!  I’m pushing thirty and that’s absolutely crazy.  I don’t feel “old” at all.  Actually, about three years ago I felt ancient – I was stuck in a depressing relationship that was going nowhere, in a good job that I nonetheless hated.  It was like the life was being sucked out of me.  I felt ancient, I slept a lot, and I drank more than I should.  I’m so much happier now!  By all means I should probably feel worse because I’m no longer in that excellent career and my finances can’t even compare, but I’m so happy with my personal life and I feel like great possibilities are just around the corner.  I hope I’m proven right!  At work the other day I composed a “Things To Do Before Thirty” list that I’m considering revealing here on my birthday; it’s just a short list of goals I’d like to accomplish and things I’d like to do before 5.20.13.

Not going to lie, one of the things on the list might be “collect more cats.”  Mwahahaha!

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