Truths About Recruiting

There is never an end to it.  Once you think no one else is leaving, wait two weeks and an emergency will pop up for someone – and you’re back on the hunt again.

You can never find what you’re looking for.  Need an ele shaman?  They don’t exist!  Three weeks later: need a hunter?  What’s a hunter?!  Have three thousand ele shaman applicants instead!

You find the perfect recruit.  If they don’t transfer then, 99% of the time you will log off and log back on only to be ninja-dropped from real id.

When you do have a new recruit, that’s the night your raid group will be derpy as hell.  You can breeze through 11/16H normally?  With a new recruit, you start wiping on the 4th boss, which you’ve farmed for months now.

And of course, beginning of xpac = people would kill their own mother for a chance to join you.  End of xpac = people would kill their own mother to have an excuse to not have to raid anymore.

I hate recruiting.

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