Two Years on Keto

On October 10th, 2013, my husband (referred to on this here blog as “Canadian Bacon”) and I started down a path that would change our lives: we went keto.  As I explained last year, I saw amazing progress pix on Imgur that led us to the keto subreddit, where we devoured the FAQs and decided to take control of our health.  It’s been a helluva ride.

This is me and CB before keto, at about 300lbs each.
This is me and CB before keto, at about 300lbs each. Fittingly, we are at a restaurant about to eat.

As of today, both CB and I have lost approximately 200lbs.  He lost more, but has put some back on; I’ve lost just under 100.  I’m not going to lie, I was desperately hoping to reach 199 (termed “Onederland”) and the -101 mark before this second Ketoversary, but it just didn’t happen.  That’s okay.  It will soon.

This is me and CB last weekend, at my cousin’s wedding. I’ll be the first one to say that we are much more attractive now days.

This has been a tough second year.  CB doesn’t really eat keto anymore.  He’s still low carb, definitely less than the Standard American Diet, sitting somewhere between 50-100g.  He started a physical job early this year, and packs a sandwich, fruit, and protein bars for breakfast/lunch.  While he has put some weight back on, I think he’s dropped his body fat percentage some because he seems to be more vascular.  But, he hasn’t really been able to lift.  The appendectomy still gives him issues (his abs aren’t fully recovered) and we cancelled our gym membership this spring when it became clear that he wouldn’t be able to use it for some time.  The surgeon told us that, due to the severity of the surgery, that this would be his normal for about a year.  We plan to buy our own power rack and begin lifting at home by the time the holidays hit.

I still eat keto about 80% of the time.  The rest of the time, well, I just follow calories in versus calories out.  I don’t think I will ever be able to “eat intuitively.”  If I’m confronted with a platter of cookies, I won’t stop at one – I’ll eat the whole damn platter.  Maybe I need therapy for this.  I don’t know.  I have to count calories to lose weight.  I also don’t like completely restricting myself.  I really enjoy french fries and chips and salsa.  And, being Southern, food is such an ingrained part of my heritage.  We have family recipes that go back for generations that I love to eat.  When my Meemaw makes her apple pie, I want to be able to eat a piece – so I do, and I don’t worry about being kicked out of ketosis.  As long as I continue to eat at a caloric deficit, I know I will lose weight.  I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who have the mindset that “food is just fuel.”  I enjoy eating too much.

That being said, I know I definitely lose weight faster when I am in ketosis.  I fight cravings less, and I do better.  So I’m going to keep on trucking going into Year Three.  I have somewhere between 30-50lbs of fat left to lose.  Once I hit 200lbs, I will no longer be Obese.  I will be Overweight.  My doctor has told me she will be happy with that, because my risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, everything drops dramatically at that point.  But I will not be happy – I’m going for Normal.  On the BMI scale, Normal for me happens at 170.  So that’s 35 more pounds.  My plan is to get there and have a DEXA scan done to see my body fat percentage.  Ultimately, I want to have an “athletic” or “fit” body fat percent, which is somewhere between 14-24% for women.

However, I am beginning to think that I have issues with losing weight while working out.  I lose weight in spurts and wooshes.  I have been very careful to document my daily trends this year, and inevitably I drop weight massively when I am not working out.  As soon as we stopped daily lifting, BAM, massive drop in weight.  I bought a bike and began cycling daily – that’s my new hobby and love, btw, and I owe you guys a big, long post on it – and when I was out sick for a week, BAM, massive drop in weight.  I don’t know if it’s because my muscles just retain water, or if exercising is increasing my levels of cortisol, or what… but I definitely do not lose as well when I work out.

It is incredibly frustrating because I am now at a point where I *enjoy* working out.  I love going on daily bike rides and riding for hours, but I’ve been stalled out at 205 for almost two months now because of that.  I’ll ride for five days in a row, my weight will spike up, I’ll take two rest days and it will drop back down to 205, then rinse and repeat.  I am very carefully counting calories, weighing everything, eating at a deficit, so I know I’m overdue for a woosh.  I wake up expecting any day now to see the scale starting with a 1.  I’ll be damned if I give up cycling because my body is being crazy.

March – cancelled gym membership, weight starts going down when I stop lifting 3x/week. June, buy a bike and begin cycling like a madwoman – weight plateaus and rises, then drops back down in August when I get sick and am out of commission for a week. Lame.

Anyway, ranting about that is just pissing me off.  Let’s talk stats!  I am going to post some pictures here that are probably NSFW – me in shorts/bikini bottoms and bras.  You’ve been warned.  They’re pretty ugly.  There’s saggy skin and cellulite everywhere.  But I promised last year that I’d share at 100lbs down, and I’m close enough to that goal that I’m going to cough them up.  I think it’s important to share realistic body images during weight loss.  I have all sorts of complicated feelings about how I look.  Basically, however, it breaks down to this:

Damn, I look good when I’m covered in clothing!

Shit, I look horrible when I’m naked!

Ladies, can you relate?!  I bet you can.  I bet even some of you guys out there (if there are indeed guys reading this, which I sometimes doubt) can relate.  Basically, if I can cover it up or Spanx it, it’s looking pretty good.  If I can’t, ugh.  The worst offender here is my arms.  They were always disproportionately large in my opinion, and now they’ve finally started to shrink, but they’re kind of looking like deflated balloons.  There’s a lot of saggy skin and I desperately want a brachioplasty, or arm lift.  I know I need to lose more weight first, though, and I definitely need to save some money to afford it because insurance will not cover that.

Anyway, I’ve included three sets of pictures:  before, one year, and this year.  Here are my measurements from my start date versus today:

  • Waist: 43.5″ to 35″
  • Hips: 54.5″ to 46.5″
  • Forearm: 14.5″ to 12.25″
  • Upper Arm: 23″ to 19.5″
  • Underbust: 39.25″ to 35″
  • Bust: 47″ to 40.25″
  • Neck: 16.25″ to 14.25″
  • Wrist: 7.5″ to 6.5″

Those aren’t necessarily taken at the traditional locations, either – for instance, waist is at the smallest location, whereas hips is the widest (over my bum + fupa).  I also didn’t take my calf and thigh measurements before, but today my calf is 17.75″.  I can actually wear tall boots for the first time in my life!!!  I have got to get a pair this winter!

Other differences I’ve noticed:  my wedding rings were a size 10.  They have now been sized down to a 7.25 as of a few months ago, and they need to be sized down again.  My fingers are definitely shrinking majorly still.  I’ve always worn size 10 wide shoes, and even last year I bought a pair of 10 wide flats for a wedding and they rubbed/hurt some, but when I wore them to my cousin’s wedding last week they were a little loose!

Oh, and my boobs are definitely deflating.  I don’t know what bra size I properly wore before.  I just bought whatever from Cacique (the Lane Bryant lingerie shop). A 42DD without underwire felt comfortable, but didn’t provide much support (that’s what I’m wearing in that first picture below).  Several months ago, Nordstrom sized me in a 36E with underwire, and it’s the best bra I’ve ever worn in my life.  Now, though, it’s getting loose even on the tightest hooks, which makes sense if my underbust today is 35″.  I need to get resized again.  Shit.  Bras are expensive.

Okay.  I’ve been stalling long enough.  Here are some cringe-worthy progress pictures from the past three years.  Oh lord, I can’t believe I’m putting these out here.  Please note this is not my real head.


Last year I got kind of depressed because I had a hard time seeing changes in these pictures.  This year, however, I can see a ton of them!  First off – the pants.  Those green shorts got donated because they literally would not stay on me.  They would fall straight to the floor.  Woot!  My calves are smaller.  There is still a good deal of fat on them, but they have shrunk considerably.  My arms are the same way.  They were massive.  They still are, but you can see how they’re hanging all deflated now.  It’s more obvious from the back picture you’ll see next.

Check out my collarbones!  I have some now.  It’s pretty awesome.  My stomach is hanging a bit more in the front now because the sides are receding.  Sorry notsorry I didn’t include a picture of my fupa.  It used to be one solid spare tire.  Now, it’s drawn up in the middle so it’s got like two hanging bits.  I think it’s trying to suck itself back in.  You go, fupa!  Get on back in there!

Oh, and you can’t tell from these pictures, but I have hip bones now.  I mean, I always did, but now I can feel them.  It’s interesting and it also kind of sucks.  I’m a huge klutz and I keep knocking them into things.  The other day when we were shopping, I turned and rammed my hip bone into the grocery cart.  Holy shit, that hurt!  But still, super cool at the same time.  I’ll take it.


Immediately you can tell that I lost about 10lbs of hair.  Ha!  Seriously though, I always thought “fat girls can’t have short hair” and that is a load of crock.  I went full pixie a few months ago and best damn decision ever I will never have long hair again I LOVE MY SHORT HAIR.  It is so flattering and so easy to take care of and I can’t believe I was terrified of it my whole life.  Ladies, if you’re on the fence, DO IT!!!

So you can totally see what I mean about my arms here.  Solid loads of fat in the first picture.  Shrinking a bit in the second.  Third picture… you can see where my actual muscle is up top as opposed to where just fat and skin are hanging below.  There is definite definition.  Look how much my ass has shrunk.  I used to have this massive donk.  It was like a shelf that I could rest beverages upon.  Now days I’m starting to get somewhat of a flat ass.  I worriedly asked my husband the other day, “Do you think I will wind up with a pancake butt?”  I never thought my ass would disappear but it is certainly going away.  He reassured me that squats are always an option.  I’m able to put my legs much closer together now, too.  My “problem areas” are my fupa, arms, and thighs – that’s where the fat is clinging.  I mean, I’m still fat all over, but that’s where the largest deposits are hanging out.

All my life, I’ve thought I was “big-boned.”  People used to tell me that, or that I was “built like a linebacker.”  I think maybe they’d tell me that to make me feel better about myself.  I’ve thought I was super “curvy,” with “big, child-bearing hips.”  Once, when I was being measured for my Best Woman dress for my guy bff’s wedding, the lady fitting me told me that she’d be afraid to run into me in a dark alley because I was built like a football player.  You know what?

All of those things are a lie.

I have recently started going to physical therapy for cubital tunnel syndrome.  My therapist palpated my elbow on the first day and told me in surprise that I have some of the smallest bones she’s ever palpated.  I think I may actually be built petite.  I know I have a short inseam.  I don’t think my shoulders are really as broad as family and friends have told me all of these years.  I am very comfortably wearing size 11 in junior’s clothing, and sometimes petites fit me better than ladies.  I think I may actually be small and slim hidden under all this fat.

I’m pretty excited to see what I’ll look like in another year.

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  1. Congratulations on the 100 lost! (I’m sure you’ll be there) Don’t be scared of the weights and working out even if it does screw with the scale, the benefits of having some muscle underneath when you drop weight makes it more worthwhile then losing weight faster and just being a smaller version of yourself, instead of a more shapely version, IMO.

    1. Thank you! I agree with you 100%.

      I lifted pretty regularly from August-March, but gradually stopped because my husband and gym buddy could no longer go with me, and I was working a lot of hours at work. I was also dealing with my cat Shadow’s PU (I have a bunch of posts on here about that… I was glued to his side 24/7 when I wasn’t working). I really, really enjoy powerlifting. We have since decided that instead of putting money into a gym membership that we are going to just buy equipment. We’re saving for that right now. We both commute 3+ hours a day, so we’d rather work out at home than have to drive (more) to a gym. Hopefully we’ll both be lifting again soon.

      1. Great JOB!!! Congrats on the weight loss. I wanted to give you two ideas to think about, if you haven’t already. One-choline, this little vitamin is truly helpful at losing fat around your belly. I can truly attest to this happening for me. Two-kettle bell swings!!! This is the best workout for the most minimal amount of effort. I personally do not do keto as I’m always(yes intentionally) pg or bf’ing and have to keep my carbs between 50-100. But I have lost 40lbs following Trim Healthy Mama. If you read up on marks daily Apple or look into thm, I think either will explain why u r cycling with that annoying 5lbs.

        1. Oh god, kettlebells. They are a huge no-no to me. I am so clumsy I’m liable to hit myself in the face. And I’ve got so many cats here… I’m sure I’d take one of them out. Kettlebells frankly terrify me. My personal trainer, when I got a few sessions, harped on using them… but I just feel super uncomfortable with them. I don’t want to do it. I love lifting heavy with Olympic barbells and a power rack, though!

      2. Hi Britt – just read your year 1 and 2 summaries – first of all congratulations!! Both of you look amazing . I was wondering 1/ if in 2017 you are still doing keto, 2/have reached your goal weight or gone low carb (or any other diet).

        Thanks in advance

        1. Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by!

          I’m actually on Year 4 now, and have had some major life changes (bought a house, back to school, new job, moved, etc). I “fell off the wagon” sometime mid Year 3 and have regained some weight – I never wrote Year 3 and Year 4 because I’ve been so busy, but I feel like I’m finally getting life under control again and am back on keto and weight loss. I know that’s not the happy ending you (or me, or anyone) wants to hear, but that’s realistic update.

  2. You should read Body by Science by John Little and Doug McDuff, MD. It will blow your mind about exercise, like it did mine!

  3. Congrats on the wonderful weight loss. Keep up the Good Fight!!! You will get to your goal if you never give up. So happy I found your site. It is a pleasure to read your realistic look on life and the struggle. You give me inspiration to continue my fight to health!!!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment! I will DEFINITELY keep plugging along – two years in is too far to give up! Even if it takes me another two, I know I’ll make it there eventually! And YOU will too!

  4. I’m so proud of you for accomplishing what you have so far and continuing to go further with your journey! It’s truly inspirational to see your progress.

    1. Thanks, Gabbye! <3 I feel SO MUCH better now, too! It's been kind of a hard road these past two years, but it's well worth it.

    1. Yay! Guys do exist on here!! High five, homie! :D

      How on earth did you make your New York-style cheesecake rainbow?! Gel food coloring or something swirled into the batter? Do you have pix? I need to see this.


        I separated the batter into 5 bowls and then added color, then tipped into the middle of the cake. It was magical! Only took the one pic, I rushed the cooling so got cracks, I won’t do another on a work night again, but I’ll definately be making this again, slower!

  5. I loved this post/email – you’re so cool and keep it very, very real. Thank you so much for sharing AND also for being a rad crazy cat lady. : D

    1. crazy cat ladies 4 life!

      Thanks for the sweet comment :) I try to keep it real. This blog is an outlet for me, not a business. My voice definitely comes through in my writing!

  6. You continue to inspire me everyday! Keep on with your journey. Sunday I’ve finally decided to go sugar free for a month. Not sure if Keto diet is the same but I’m excited to start. I’m already addicted to your pizzadillas!!! BTW, when I googled low carb pizzadilla….who’s blog came up first???? YOURS!!! Too cool!

  7. I just read your post and congrats. My husband and I are doing this together as well and your journey has definitely inspired me. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I don’t know you but I’m really proud of you! Dramatic difference. And now i’m chopping my hair short too! Great makeover.

    FWIW, in the pictures you dont look like a big build. Actually, you look petite framed. It’s just fat. I think I’d rather know I had a small frame with lotsa extra fat than a large frame, but “not as jiggly”. You can lose bodyfat, but you can’t change frame size. Y’know? At the end of it all, it would be nicer to be feel slim than feel like you could take on a gang of bikers.

    Hope you’re doing well and keeping it up! XOXO

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment!!! I agree with you 100%.. except, well, I’d kind of like to feel both slim AND like I can take on a group of bikers. That’s why I like weight lifting so much :)

      Have you cut your hair yet? Do you love it??

  9. This was a great read! You have made a huge difference and you are looking hawt! I love reading your stuff, keep it coming! <3 ~

  10. Hi, just started keto in sept, because my parents had been doing so well on it since July and it’s an eye opener! I hope to maintain this for life. Just wanted to send you a shout out that even though I’m a stranger, proud of you for keeping it up, working out, and posting to help others. You sound like a wonderful person. Take care and persevere!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I hope your keto journey is treating you well. Best of luck to you on the path to better health!

  11. You are inspirational. Thanks for your courage to be honest about your journey with us. I am starting keto and you give me hope.

  12. So I am starting to believe that addiction to sugar and carbs is a very real thing which I need to overcome. Like you, I’ve been inspired by keto subreddit and people like you. I’m also acrazy cat lady and my boyfriend and I are both going keto. I’m using your wonderful cheesecake recipe today, in fact. Just curious, but have you noticed when you have a “cheat day” or meal it can spiral into doom? I was keto three weeks and failed miserably taking a cheat weekend that turned into a week of carb binging well past valentine’s day. Back on track now and determined not to falter. I think sugar might be my crack. I think ppl might go keto because some of them have the same addiction. Anyway, great job sticking with it all this time! The photos are impressive as well as your dedication.

    1. Lord, yes, cheat meals are of the devil. I still do them, though! Usually I can be resolute enough to hop back on the wagon (and I do love chips and salsa too much to give them up!), but sometimes it leads me down the path to perdition. Sugar addiction is DEFINITELY real, at least for me!!

      Good luck with your own journey and thank you for the kind comments!

  13. Wait! Where are you? You’ve done so well, you look great. I hope everything is going well for you and you’ll be posting again soon. You have a really fun writing voice! Thanks for everything you’ve shared so far. I’m thinking of having cheesecake fluff dessert for breakfast today!

  14. My daughter and I started on the keto diet 2 months ago, and we love it!
    We cleaned out all the ugly carb foods- and my word there was lots of them.
    As a type 2 diabetic, the results of the carb cutting has been incredible- my sugar now fluctuates between 4.6 and 6 with NO medication, brilliant. I have so much energy, and feel as good now as I did when I was 20!
    Long live the Keto diet, and your fabulous recipes,photos and comments.
    You really are an inspiration, and by the way, the photographs are really not that bad- you were brave to show the world, but just look at you now, congratulations, and I thoroughly enjoy reading everything that you have to say.

    1. Thank you so much for your super sweet comment! Good luck to you and your daughter on your journey with keto :)

  15. Great post… deffo give “The Calorie Myth” by Jonathan Bailor, it explains why the calories in and out thing doesn’t work so well for weight loss when you exercise :). Basically the body compensates by reducing your metabolism,subconcious movement levels etc when you eat less so any deficit is mostly counteracted. Keto is definitely a great step, keep it up :D.. such amazing progress so far!

  16. Dear Britt, I just want to say thanks for your inspiration and recipes! You are one awesome woman and I wish you lived next door!

  17. Hey! Love this post and you are an inspiration to me as well. I was also told I was big boned growing up and not sure if that is true at all. I just started week 3 of keto, started at 205 and want to get to 140lbs, for my height (5’4″) that is the high end of normal. I am already feeling better in different ways (scalp eczema is gone) and am looking forward to more benefits. Its interesting about you not losing weight while working out. We own a weight bench but haven’t used it much the last couple of years. I would like to start lifting again, so its good to know that might affect the scale numbers. I might check out some of the books people recommended. I, too, want to be able to defend myself in a dark alley.

    I am also a crazy cat lady (see my profile pic of my baby Wally) and I am also an avid supporter of pixie cuts! I have an elongated pixie, where the top is grown out a bit longer for styling purposes and I love it. I also live in the south and can’t believe people actually have long hair and wear it down….well, ever, really.

    So, basically, we need to be virtual best friends and I am going to look and probably comment on every posts on your site today! LOL!

    Thanks again for all these wonderful, inspiring posts and sharing your progress pics with us. I know its scary, and you are brave for doing it. Keep calm and keto on!

    1. Wally is adorbs!!!! I LOVE ALL THE CATS

      I’m sure keto will be a wonderful journey for you. I just generally feel better when I’m eating that way. Like you said, there are so many side benefits!

      I haven’t been working out lately. My job is seasonal, and we just finished a really busy season. I was leaving for work first thing in the morning, and getting home after dark. So I’ve really missed riding my bike! I need to get back on that. And we just moved, and invested in some really nice home gym equipment. The rest of it is supposed to show up Wednesday, so I’ll be lifting again soon! Oh, and the point of me saying all this is that I’m not sure it was the exercise that stalled the weight loss… because I’ve totally not lost any more weight, either. I think I’ve just been on the world’s longest plateau (made worse by the fact I kinda went off keto during the stress of work and moving). I’ve been back on for two solid weeks now and the weight has started to budge again, whew. But lifting in particular will TOTALLY skew your numbers with your muscles constantly tearing/healing. Don’t let that stop you, though, you’ll eventually woosh all that water off.

      I’m totes down for a virtual bff too. Hit me up anytime you want to yak!!!

      1. I got a copy of The Calorie Myth by Jonathon Bailor at the library this weekend and I’m really enjoying it. I saw it suggested on one of your posts. He doesn’t come out and say keto is best, but a lot of what he does say lines up with a lower carb way of eating.

        I’ve also realized that I’m not eating enough veggies so I’m gonna have to rectify that. I’m also feeding my husband and I on keto on a small budget though I know I can make it work. Been feeling really tired lately, I think its lack of electrolytes so I’m gonna look into that too. I’m down 8lbs so far! Not too shabby!

        Plus, I am remembering my dreams more often. I don’t know if this is a side effect of keto, though I don’t know why else I would be remembering them in vivid detail all day long everyday. I love dreams so its interesting to me to try and figure out if they are symbolic of anything. Just a curious side effect.

        Thanks for the compliment about Wally, he’s a fat baby, as he should be!

  18. I’m so proud of you because I know what it takes to decide to do this and stick to it but with results like yours,it helps,I’m sure!!!I started out 257.4 August 26th and am waffling at 224-226 as of 11/01/2016 I’m short and almost 69,too.(5ft.2″)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment! Wow, you’ve already lost 25lbs in such a short time!! You go, girl!!!

      Keep calm and keto on, and the weight will continue to drop :)

  19. Amazing! I just found you when someone posted your hot not oatmeal recipe on a keto group on Facebook. I think you’re beautiful and your recipes are awesome. Nothing like putting it all out there to inspire people! Wow! Thank you so much.

  20. I have just started keto I’m beginning week 3 and have lost 7.2lbs and 23.5″. I just came upon this and loved seeing the progress you and your husband have made its inspiring! I’d love to see another yearly update looks like you last posted in October 2015. Thanks for being brave with the pics they were very helpful and i think you look amazing. As for when you workout and don’t lose weight. Before i started keto i did WW and was working out 5 days a week at one point I put on 5lbs during that month however i was taking weekly pics that showed a significant amount of inches lost( I was not measuring at that time). Perhaps you were doing the same thing and just didn’t notice? Thanks again for your amazing post! I’m at the point where I’m trying to understand how to figure ratios and plan and eat daily, for now I’m set meal plans.

    1. Shiiiiit… I kept trying to talk myself into doing a yearly update, and I just couldn’t bring myself to. That update is still my lowest weight. I’ve gained about 30lbs back over the course of the last year with moving, going back to school, etc. It is a constant battle and in the words of Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! Remember that and stay strong!

  21. Just stumbled in here & wow great inspiration. Thank you for giving me hope this keto lifestyle can continue for more than a few months like I have set in my head.
    My husband started like you guys with the reddit craziness & in a month lost 30lbs so I of course had to try it.
    I have PCOS. & every time I have had a misscariage it throws my hormones off & adds 15-30lbs without changing a damn eating habit & usually eating 1000 calories a day (my meds make me nauseated).
    Thank you so much for your brave pictures the most. I feel exactly like you described with clothes on & off! & I do have a somewhat similar body figure to yours. But it does feel so much better being able to move easier & not dread feeling like you look like an elephant in all the clothes you own when it’s time to dress up nicely.
    While I only have 50lbs to lose total really, PCOS & having fibromyalgia make it soo much harder to lose not really being able to exercise & get the hormones on track. We’re done with trying for baby# 2 so hopefully I get through this weight loss & keep it off keeping the hormones stable for the last time! No more clomid craze.
    I’ve rambled as usual lol, sorry. Anyhow I truly appreciate you sharing your journey

    1. I’m glad I could help some. I hope keto helps you manage your PCOS! I’m glad I don’t have it and I really feel for you ladies who have to struggle with that to lose weight, also. Best of luck to you!

  22. Wow! You are an inspiration! Congrats on the weight loss! Thanks for all the great recipe ideas! They sound yummy!

    Have you heard of lipedema? It’s a fat disorder where your body has and stores a different type of fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. This fat usually stores in the hips, thighs, around knees, and down to the ankles… it can also store around your abdomen and arms. (the areas you mentioned as most troubling!) This fat is hereditary and not related to diet.

    There has been some success lately treating lipedema with keto (which is how I found your blog) but I think keto is helping us “lippy ladies” remove the normal fat around the lipedema fat.

    ANYWAY…. here are some resources I thought you might be interested in… (a doctor outside of Atlanta, GA) (same doctor.. more info)

    I love your cat theme and admire your willpower! thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I’ve wondered about lipedema myself, but it seems like fat deposits generally stick to midsection/legs… which I don’t have a problem with! I mean, I’m definitely fat there, but it shrinks. My arms are what seem to be the issue and I haven’t found anyone else online at least that has lipedema there. I should probably try to find a specialist but it’s such a small field that I haven’t really looked into it. I appreciate the links — Atlanta isn’t very far!

  23. I was jazzed to find your blog. I have never followed a blog, but looking for a fat bomb recipe found you. I couldn’t resist, a liberal feminist, cat lover, learning how to build stuff, irreverent and fully self-expressed woman and successful on ketogenic way of eating, well it was a no-brainer. It is so inspiring to read about you and your husbands commitment and success to health. I was paleo off and on, then read wheat belly, and now keto. I am new to it and don’t completely know I understand it fully, but downloaded “Ketogenic Diet: The step by step guide for beginners and printed the downloadable pdf that is associated with it, Just wanted to thank you for your site – it resonates with me.

  24. Just started keto diet on recommendation of a co-worker/friend. Been researching recipes and loved your “noatmeal” better than the other recipes which caused me to swing by your blog for other recipes. Read your story above and am beyond elated to read someone who has a great sense of humor and is realistic! Your recipes are easy to do and taste good (important if one is to stick to a diet!). Love the story of your and your husband’s journey. Showed your story to my husband and asked if he would be MY Canadian Bacon

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comments, Kate! Is your husband Canadian? Because otherwise, you probably just need to call him Ham :P

      I love reading food blogs and I love food blogging when I can, but I think a lot of them show a really idealized picture of life. I’m nothing if not realistic. I’m crass and I have a sadistic sense of humor, and I don’t have the money to waste on 50 million weirdly-named ingredients to try once, nor the time to spend in the kitchen meticulously measuring and baking. I’m more of a throw-all-that-shit-in-the-pan kind of a girl…. and I think most people are, too. I’m glad to find people who agree!

  25. You’re doing great! I’m glad I decided to look through your blog. You’re an inspiration. Cheesecake Fluff Edition brought me here. LOL Altho our stories are different, I relate a lot! I just recently started Low Carb (August 28). I’m loving it. This WOE satisfies me. I usually just eat breakfast, dinner and a snack. Not at all hungry outside of my meals. Almost 25 lbs. gone so far. About 35 more to go. (Highest “known” weight was 287.) I haven’t been counting anything. Mainly eating more protein and fat, no noodles, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, etc. Not being very effective at getting in veggies (story of my life at whatever food plan I’ve been on.) I’ll get some of those steamers you spoke of. Thanks for all your simple recipes. I’ve copied several of them. So many other bloggers’ recipes have 2 or 3 ingredients I don’t have. I’m taking my time to decide if I really will use those ingredients. I’ll stay tuned to your progress. Keep kicking butt. You’re doing great! Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Hi Diane, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! You’re almost halfway to your goal and that is fantastic!!!

      You know, there are plenty of low carbers (zero carbers, they say) who don’t eat veggies at all – they say you can get all the nutrients you need from eating organ meat like liver and such. If the steamer bags don’t help you, maybe you could research zero carb and see if it’s something you could safely do.

      There are still a lot of specialty ingredients I won’t buy because I don’t know if I’ll ever use them. I’m extremely busy and I don’t have much time to screw around in the kitchen, so I really try to keep meals simple but flavorful. I think most people are the same way.

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