Warcraft… Friday?

Okay, okay, so I’ve been slacking.  On Wednesday I actually started writing another “Momma’s Kitchen Makeover” post instead of the scheduled “Warcraft Wednesday,” but then I got EXTRA pissed off at staining the cabinets and said screw it.  Heather and I are going to be doing a lot of work on that tomorrow, so I should have a thorough (and happy) update in that area by next week.  Anyway, that totally threw me out of my writing groove and this weekly update got pushed aside.  Shoot me.

Sometimes you just feel the need to dress your belf like a hooker and hang out under a red light… with other hookertastic belf ladies (Left to right – Valerie’s Foxied, Lizzy’s Adelaide, and my Kelida).

Achievements Earned

New Bosses Killed

State of Unpossible

I’m slowly beginning to learn that each week is going to be a tumultuous one as a guild leader.  Last week we pushed through with Alex as a temporary (well, maybe not) member of our team and we managed to kill Heroic: Warmaster Blackhorn.  This was a huge accomplishment – as you remember from last week’s update, we were despairing that we’d be able to progress.  Things were terrible and fire was everywhere, but I eventually gave a motivational speech that must have struck terror in everyone’s hearts because immediately after we killed the sonuvabitch.  Hell yeah.  And OF COURSE the first heroic head token on the server was a prot – a warrior/hunter/shaman one.  Facepalm.  At least it was well-earned – Alex really saved our ass by switching back over and helping us out.

A month ago we had a guild merger and the people who came over formed the core and the leadership of our fourth Storm Troopers raid group.  Last week the leadership quit.  FML.  I promoted two guys who stayed and told them they had two weeks to earn their rank and rebuild the raid group.  So far they seem to be doing okay – I guess I have as much confidence in them as I would in anyone.  Sith killed Heroic: Ultraxion, the second group on the server to do it.  I’m very impressed and proud with their progress; imo, they’re the second best raid group on the server next to my own Jedi.  Our guild is badass.

Nothing else much to be said – we’re continuing on.  We cleaned a bunch of socials/dead weight out of the guild and all of the raid groups are continuing to raid.  Our income is exceeding our outcome and we’re continuing to gear out.  I’d say that’s a win.

Money Money Money! :D

This week saw us in a slump due to progressively farming the mount for later resale.  Darren and I each banked a cool 30k, down from last week’s profits.  It’s still a pretty solid amount though, and brings my bank total to 170k.  I hope next week to pass the 200k mark, which would be more than I’ve ever had.  I’ve still got roughly 20k spread about my active toons as fun money.  I have a new pet – the X-53 touring rocket – because Heather purchased her 2nd month after we linked our accounts.  Woot!  Oh, and for Valentine’s day my sweet Canadian Bacon gifted me with a Gregarious Grell purchased from his TCG pet supplier.  I am loved <3

New Ranks

8 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Baleroc 10H – 43330
27 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Valiona & Theralion 10H – 35606
41 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Twilight Ascendant Council 10H – 23213
120 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Majordomo Staghelm 10H – 66093
140 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Ragnaros 10N – 30071
141 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Warmaster Blackhorn 10H – 32560
143 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Yor’sahj the Unsleeping 10H –  44334
161 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Yor’sahj the Unsleeping 10H – 43712

This Upcoming Week

Heather and I are working on getting our second round of toons to 80 with the linked account leveling perk.  Last time we leveled her mage and my druid; this time we are leveling her priest and my pally.  The insta-queues from having a tank/healer are nice.  Right now we’re sitting at around 75 and we’re sure to hit 80 this week.  I’m hoping we still get a third set leveled before the perk runs out on March 9th; I have a little shaman sitting at 14 that I’d like to get up there.  So far we’ve used the level granting on my mage and my rogue.  Actually, I leveled my mage with hers until it reached my druid (which was mid-50s) so I could start tanking, then we level-granted it to 80.  We’re doing the same this time around; I leveled my rogue with her priest until we reached my pally (also mid-50s) and now I’m tanking with it.  We’ll level-grant my rogue to 80 and then prolly use the rest of them on my banker or something just so they don’t go to waste.  If you have a friend who wants to play, this is DEFINITELY the way to do it – leveling is incredibly easy with linked accounts.  Now I just have to get the desire to level them on my own from 80 to 85…

This week my raid group is pushing progress on Heroic: Spine.  Last night we were able to successfully remove the first plate in two rounds – that was the progress we were looking for.  We’re hoping we can get the second one off on Sunday, then clear the rest of the instance and Heroic: Ragnaros (for the mount).  If we can get to the 2nd plate, we’re fairly certain we can put some good work in on the 3rd plate next week and either be that much closer to defeating it, or actually kill it next week.  That would be some crazy progress, even with the 5% nerf.  I’m happy because I was doing some of the top DPS on the burning tendon last night, so woot.

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