Warcraft Wednesday

Before we get started, an obligatory picture of Shamaroth looking adorable (this is Darren’s favorite picture of her).  Yeah, she is adorable, even when she’s screaming in terror.

Achievements Earned

New Bosses Killed


State of Unpossible

This past week was a pretty tumultuous one in my guild.  Last Sunday evening, Ara’s account was hacked.  Since he is a Founder-Officer of the guild (rank name: Jedi Master), he has full access to the entire guild bank, except the actual gold.  The hacker completely cleaned us out.  He took the flasks from all 4 raid slots, all of the Essences of Destruction, some BOEs, a bunch of epic gems and inferno rubies, and basically anything else that was of value.  Our fourth raid group, Free Corps, was raiding at the time, and they were the first ones to notice it when they went to grab some more mats from the bank.  I immediately kicked all of his toons and then locked the bank down so no one could see or access it.  After a quick ticket to Blizzard to inform them there was a compromised account + looted gbank, the officers who were online at the time made the decision to completely redo the guild ranks so that any raider+ rank requires an authenticator to be attached to the account.  Darren and D and I got to demoting, and then I had to redo all the ranks and start the promoting process again.  I was appalled by the number of raiders who didn’t have authenticators!

Darren and I ordered ours last year right when Cata dropped and we actually started to gather gear/money/items of worth.  I haven’t regretted the purchase in the slightest.  We elected to get the $6.50 keychain authenticators, although when we moved to Canada I switched mine to the mobile authenticator on my iPhone for easier travel (and then promptly switched back when we settled).  The security and peace of mind they add is incredible.  So anyway, with this new policy, we had a ton of complaints (of course) and people scrambling to either re-add or buy authenticators.  I think almost every raider is covered now.  It takes 72 hours from the time you add your authenticator to the time you can be promoted, so today I got to do a fresh round of promotions, and expect to continue doing so daily for about the next week as people add them and become eligible for promotions.  From now on, any new recruits are required to have them on their account.

More drama happened on Sunday when one of our raid members was a no-call no-show.  I thought something was up because even his BFF, our blood tank, couldn’t get in touch with him.  Turns out he decided “to finally get a life” and quit WoW cold turkey without warning.  Yeah, wonderful.  So instead of killing Warmaster HC on Sunday, we headed over to FL to kill HC: Rag.  It took us I think three attempts before we downed him, and that was with someone who’d never even really been there before.  Talk about easy!!  The snarky comment on that screen shot reads “Hey guys!  Look how easy it is to clear Rag post-post-post nerf!  Since it’s easier than DS heroics, let’s farm him and brag about how awesome we are!”  This is directed at our rival Horde guild, who killed Rag before us because we had moved on to current content and they wanted to do something we hadn’t done yet.  They can finally stop bragging because we made that shit look easy as hell.

Unfortunately we didn’t find out that our member really quit until yesterday, so we started Tuesday’s lockout without our ele shaman.  Instead of heading into DS with a sub and just doing farm stuff, we decided to hold off until I could conduct some interviews and find a replacement.  We just went ahead and went into FL to clear stuff on normal, finish up some achieves for some people who are currently in our Jedi raid group but weren’t originally, and of course finish Kroccy’s staff.  The boomkin Kroccy is played by my friend Ash from waaaaaay back in Rhydin on AOL.  We got back in contact this past summer and she server xferred to Undermine to play with us.  Although she wasn’t one of the founders of Unpossible, she came over about two weeks later and has been a part of our raid group since.

So the legendary staff is kind of a pain in the ass to do.  When we formed Unpossible, we were already over a month behind.  Cabs was slated to be our first wielder, even though we argued it should go to Aen (since she had some of the necessary items already) – but she kept deferring in his favor.  Of course we ended up kicking him out of the group because of his attitude and he quit, when he was almost through with the second part.  Aen started collecting her pieces, and then we had to remove her for lack of performance/attitude.  That damn staff was cursed.  Finally Kroccy started collecting the pieces, with Ti following her.  Then we brought Sid in to replace Aen, and he was (fortunately) two weeks away from finishing.  Sid broke the curse by getting his legendary within our guild, even though he’d collected most of the pieces elsewhere.  Kroccy finally finished yesterday, and Ti’ll be done in about another month!

Tonight I’m going to be interviewing candidates for our raiding position.  I’m hoping I can find someone who’s the perfect fit so we can get back in on Thursday and clear some content in hardmodes.

Money Money Money! :D

The market went downhill this week, but together our combined efforts made a total of 94k, splitting it down the middle for a cool 47k each.  Hell to the yeah, people!  I spent some of last week’s leftover gold on a couple of pets because I was a few short of the “Menagerie” achievement (125 pets), as well as on the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth so I can have repairs wherever I am farming.  This week I was able to bank almost the entire sum of my 47k.  My personal gbank is now up to about 145k, and I have 20k spread out across my toons as a working balance for everyday expenses.  Our goal is to increase our earnings steadily each week, but we know it’ll rise and fall with the markets.  As long as we have a continuous upward trend, however, we’ll be happy.  This week we are farming Lovely Charms to make Lovely Charm Bracelets so we can stock up on the BOE Pink Love Bird mounts.  We’re planning on selling them throughout the year for exorbitant profit.

New Ranks

173 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Yor’sahj the Unsleeping 10H – 42781
26 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Alysrazor 10H – 59847
153 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Majordomo Staghelm 10H – 64022
157 – Shamaroth – Frost DK – Ragnaros 10H – 32992

This Upcoming Week

Not sure what this upcoming week holds for us, although I’m hoping it will bring a gifted ele shaman who’s a good fit for our group.  As long as we have a 10th skilled player, I believe we will down Warmaster Blackhorn.  We made a ton of progress on him last week and we are RIGHT THERE in killing him.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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