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Aren’t those two ladies just positively lovely? These are my World of Warcraft alter egos, Shamaroth and Kaliath of Undermine-US. Sham is a goblin death knight and Kal is a troll priest. I raid on both of them pretty frequently, but Sham is my main and Kal is my alt. This means I play Sham more and put more time and effort into her than I do Kal, although Kal is also fun and awesome. Sham is the guild master of <Unpossible>, which is the number one Horde (and overall) guild on my server. I put way more time in the game than I probably should, and I stress a lot over day-to-day management of the guild, but I am passionate about gaming and raiding. I consider myself and my husband to be a semi-hardcore raiders. This means that while Darren and I will almost always elect to raid instead of partaking in some other form of entertainment (say, go to the movies, or watch a tv show or something), we put family and important real life things first. We raid for a scheduled twelve hours a week on our mains, sometimes for fifteen when we’re pushing progression hardcore at the beginning of a new tier of content. Some World First guilds require that their members take time off work and raid for 10+ hours a day, for weeks straight during those times! I know our families don’t quite understand our love for the game, but I hope that puts it into perspective some.

I know I’ve talked about WoW on here before, but I hope to do so more frequently. I’d like to keep track of some milestones that are passing by in-game, as well as record my thoughts on running a successful, large raiding guild. A guild member the other day linked me to a video hosted by Learn2Raid called Learn2Lead and told me I should make my own. While I don’t want to bust out the webcam and record tips and strategies for running a guild, I would however like to make my own notes to refer to and look back on. I wrote a lot about Rhydin in my LiveJournal when I was the President of UCoR during my high school years. Now that’s a treasured piece of my history, and I’d like to make sure I’m making the same steps to record my WoW experience. Gaming is a large part of my life, and while I know that’s bewildering for some people, I don’t consider it any different than, say, an athlete considers her sport.

So without further adieu, here’s this week’s milestones –

Achievements Earned


New Bosses Killed

State of Unpossible

I have actually been stressing a pretty good amount about my guild lately. It’s grown in leaps and bounds from its original founding, when ten of us + friends decided to band together to raid on our own without having to worry about anyone else. Now that we’ve grown from one raiding group to four it’s a lot more to manage and I have a lot more to worry about. Our Jedi group, the one I raid in, is 5/8 HC and we have another guild creeping up on our ass. This worries us because there were a ton of nerfs this week which might allow them to reach us and maybe even surpass us if they play dirty. To make matters worse, one of our people has consistently been gone for the past two weeks for whatever reason. It’s driving me mad, having to find substitutes and replacements.

The Sith group got together two weeks go and told their leader that they wanted her to be their leader but not their raid leader because they felt she was ineffective at it/holding them back. She of course left and so did her friend, so now they’re down two people and trying to rebuild. They’ve got a solid hunter but are having trouble filling the last spot. Me and Darren have been subbing for them (on my beautiful priest, and he on his shaman) but that’s an awful lot of raiding for us. Storm Troopers are also down one person. They filled that spot with one of the guy’s wives, but she’s not performing at the level they need, so that’s sure to be drama in the making. Free Corps is having issues finding a healer and they haven’t cleared very far yet. Sometimes I wish the other three groups would just combine into a 25m and leave me alone so I can just worry about my own, but I know that’s not quite fair. I’m not sure what the happy solution is (other than each group recruit who they need) but it’s stressing me trying to help them fix it.

Overall, I’d say the guild is doing well. It’s prosperous and has a healthy, social chat at all hours of the day. If these raiding groups would get worked out, it’d be divine. I still am very glad we took the plunge and formed it, but I wish things were running more smoothly!

Money Money Money! :D

Darren and I started a new in-game business venture and linked our banker guild banks. We’ve been farming a lot of ore and decided to split it down the middle. I prospect it and use the green gems to craft necklaces/rings through jewelcrafting. I then send those from Sham to Kal, who disenchants them. I use some of the mats to make high-priced enchants, and sell the others. Darren sells the ore and prospects/cuts blue gems, which are selling for an obscene amount right now. Together we made 88k last week, which we split down the middle today for a cool 44k/each. I promptly used most of mine to buy a pretty toy that I’ve waited to get for a year – the Vial of the Sands so I can turn into an awesome dragon people can ride.

New Ranks

141 ~ Shamaroth ~ Frost DK ~ Ultraxion 10H ~ 38123

This Upcoming Week

We put in some attempts on Blackhorn last week and are hoping to kill him this week. With the nerfs to Spine we think we have a decent shot at that too. We’re hoping to have server first Madness within the upcoming weeks, but we might be getting ahead of ourselves. I will of course be helping the other groups try to recruit, and will still be monitoring my auctions for maximum gain, but I really need to buckle down and focus on my own raid group and our progress. Lately I feel almost like I’ve been too much of a guild leader and not enough of a raider, and I feel like that needs to change for the next couple of weeks for better progression. I’ve been making decisions that are for the good of the guild but I might need to be more selfish and make decisions that are for the good of my 10m. Time will tell!

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