Working the AH to Level in MOP (Because I *HATE* Leveling)

My friend and fellow Jedi raider Obom clued me in to a trick he’d heard somewhere – once you start training your Pandaren cooking, and you do the first quest in each of the Ways, you can pick up the repeatable bundle of groceries quest in Halfhill and start turning in low cost cooking mats for Ironpaw tokens and experience.

I swear I wasn’t this bad at leveling back in Cata, guys – I blew through those zones and had multiple 85s.  But our half-hearted push to grab some RealmFirst! achievements at the beginning of MOP just destroyed me – my death knight hit 90 within 16 hours and I officially never wanted to level another toon ever again.  I still don’t.  But somehow I’ve made it to 88 on my priest and I really want to do some alt runs on her, so I think I might just buckle down and push through.  So here’s the great experiment I’m going to try today —

Right now my priest is sitting at lvl 88 with 4,905,376/22,880,000 experience.  She has 65,518 gold on her.  I am going to attempt to level through grocery bundle turn-ins and I am going to try to turn a profit by doing so.  Right now I can get a bundle of carp for 60g and a soy sauce is worth around 100g.  I’ll check back in later – maybe in a few days, based on how fast auctions go – to update on my final numbers after hitting 90.  I *may* run some dungeons during that time, but if I do I’ll calculate exp/gold earned there and remove that from the total value.

Let’s see what happens!

Edited to update:  Forgot, I also currently have 58 Ironpaw tokens.  I’m going to buy some shit with those and send them to my banker so they won’t inflate the numbers before I do anymore turn ins!

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