wow-iversary: 10 things i love about azeroth

  1. What’s your favorite class?
    I absolutely adore death knights.  My first toon was a hunter, and I got so bored playing it so fast.  It didn’t have the firepower+survivability that I desired (of course, now that I’m not a noob, I’m sure I could be much more effective…).  I started playing a death knight shortly after that and I fell in love with the leaving Acherus quest chain.  Death knights are SO COOL!  I enjoy the lore, I like the animations and graphic effects, and let’s face it, their skills and talents are just badass.
  2. What’s your favorite race?
    Like most girls, my first toon was pretty – I made a blood elf hunter.  Then I made a blood elf death knight.  Then I realized, wtf?  Belfs are useless unless you’re a caster!  Sure, the arcane torrent was nice for an additional silence, but my belf had absolutely nothing else beneficial other than her very pretty ass.  My mom’s priest was a troll and I really liked that race, so the next hunter I made was a troll.  I couldn’t bring myself to race change my dk to an orc – I can’t stand how orcs look, even though the racials are so pro for dks – so when goblins were released in Cata and were viable, that’s what Shamaroth became.  I’ve since fallen in love with them!  Goblins are ADORABLE, the 1% passive haste is pro, and many a time now the rocket jump has saved my ass.  Access your bank anywhere?  Yes please.  Goblins are amazing and I tend to play them and trolls half-and-half.  My only belf nowdays is a noob pally.
  3. Who’s your favorite NPC?
    Located in Acherus – the death knight Siouxsie the Banshee.  Cracks me up.  I love all the little pop culture references – I also like Death Guards Moulder and Skully (aren’t they somewhere in Dragonblight?)
  4. What’s your favorite dungeon?
    Shadowfang Keep all the way.  I can’t even really explain why, I just enjoy the dungeon in its entirety.  I like the mobs, the scenery, etc.  It’s not as beautiful as, say, Throne of the Tides or Vortex Pinnacle, but I like it even more all the same.
  5. Which companion pet is your favorite?
    Last year for Christmas, my bff gave me the Moonkin Hatchling, which is only available for purchase through the cash shop.  It’s so damn cute and I love the moonkin dance, so this is a clear win.  Now I don’t have to have a druid around to /dance with me, my little critter’ll do it too!
  6. What’s your favorite quest/quest chain?
    WITHOUT QUESTION, GNOMEBLITERATION in Uldum.  Basically, you turn into a giant freakin sun, and you roll around smashing gnomes.  They’re everywhere and they get fried to a crisp and you see little gnome limbs sticking out of you.  You can roll around and around and the quest doesn’t end once you kill the requisite amount (which I think is 1,000).  I can’t stand gnomes and I looooove this quest.  I love it so much that I unlocked it on the priest and never completed it, so when I’ve had a rough day I can go do it again to cheer me up.
  7. What’s your favorite emote?
    I like /dance, even though it’s not obscure or anything.  It’s really cool how much detail Blizz put into all the different racial dances, and I like all the pop culture references.  I’m particularly pleased that my lil goblin death knight gets down and dirty to “Single Ladies.”
  8. Horde or Alliance?
    For me there was never any question about what to play – my mom had played WoW for years as a troll priest, and so it was a given that I would also play Horde (or my mother would kill me).  I’ve come to believe that I would have played Horde on my own, anyway.  The races are so much cooler – goblins, trolls, orcs, tauren, blood elves, and forsaken.  Now, I’ve gone on a tour of Stormwind, and while that city is pretty rockin’, I still enjoy the Horde homes best.  Undercity is a labyrinth I still get lost in; Silvermoon is absolutely beautiful; Thunder Bluff is so cool perched up on the cliffs; and Orgrimmar has a little bit of every faction nestled in it.  Plus the fact that it’s built into canyons as a natural defense system is really cool.  And have you ever been to Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace in Azshara?  If not, you are totally missing out.
  9. Where’s your favorite place?
    I hang out the most in cow town in Orgrimmar just because everything is so close and convenient.  I think Zangarmarsh in Outlands is beautiful, and it makes me think of the mushpoie area in FlyFF.  Again, Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace is BADASS.  I just discovered that today, thanks to a friend, and I can see myself hanging out there in the future just because it’s so cool.  I’m also particularly fond of Acherus since it’s a dk-only area.  In Dalaran, I like hanging out in The Filthy Animal (Horde inn) and also on the sewer grate back there.  It was my hangout spot pre-Cata.
  10. Do you have a best WoW memory?
    Most major boss kills are etched into my brain.  I was really happy when I logged onto vent one day, and a bunch of my friends were like “Sham, we need to leave this guild and make our own,” because I’d been thinking it for so long and everyone else had also come to the same conclusion.  For the “Love is in the Air Festival,” Darren and I made Sham and Rae ride the loveboats in Undercity; that was cute.  I about died when we were killing Alysra for the first time and Nik suddenly came on vent with “my dog just puked on my foot!!  Dispel this shit!!”  Yeah… the boss kills are always spectacular, because you work so hard and so long for a goal and then BAM you’re there and everyone’s screaming at once.  It’s always fun.

Post your favorite screenshot.

Taken today at Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace… Sham was knocking back some rum and chilling on a pool pony:

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